Top Ten Casino Game Profit Opportunities

#1: When you are playing a game of poker in a casino, you will make money on the difference between the expertise that you have and the expertise that the other players have. Poker is the only game in the casino that the house does not carry a distinct edge on and therefore this should make it a game that you learn well.

#2: The pass line bet in craps is the smallest non-poker edge that the house possesses in casino play and therefore whenever you get the chance to play a game of craps, make sure that the pass line bet is part of the bets that you make.

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#3: If you get on the good list of loyal customers at certain online casinos, what you are going to find is that they start giving you more and more choice in the parameters that you set for your blackjack game. The two ways in which you can configure most blackjack games for you to get an edge would be to prevent the shuffling of a multi-deck stack of cards each turn (thus giving you the ability to count cards) and in making the game just a single-deck game of blackjack, which will actually give you a slight edge over the odds.

#4: When playing Caribbean Stud Poker or Pai Gow poker, try to stay away from the proposition bets. These are bets like the pair plus bets which might seem like good opportunities because of the high payout but in reality are very poor bets that will drastically decrease your odds of winning.

#5: Make sure that you never play American Roulette; only European Roulette. All of the online casinos worth their salt will give you the choice of both games and the odds against you at European roulette are only 37/36 when compared with the 38/36 odds that American roulette has. Your chance at making a profit is much higher with European roulette.

#6: When playing keno, the first profit opportunity that is available to you rests squarely in the strategy of simply playing the same numbers over and over again until they win. When you play a certain set of numbers and they lose, the chances of you being able to win with them later on is higher because of the fact that over the long run the numbers chosen randomly have to be chosen an equal amount of times.

#7: When playing keno, make sure that you purchase multiple number combinations. You can either purchase them wide out in order to cover all of the numbers (or at least a large portion of them anyway) or else you can purchase them concentrated to each other so that if you get one of your numbers called, you end up winning a lot of money because of the fact that it is located on so many of your game cards.

#8: Where possible, play tournaments so that you are playing against other players more than you are against the house.

#9: When playing roulette, try to cover more of the board with your bets with columns and dozens bets rather than single or double bets.

#10: When playing slots, try to choose slot machines closer to bathrooms and other places that people would not prefer to sit because there is a chance those machines will have a higher payout percentage.