Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas, USA is a famous area for USA casinos. It houses the famous Las Vegas Strip, otherwise known as The Strip, which contains four miles of the largest US casinos, hotels and resorts in the country. The first US casino to be built on The Strip was named El Rancho Vegas and it was built in 1941. (There was one casino that was built before that - in 1931- however, it was built on Highway 91. It was named the Pair-O-Dice-Club.) The El Rancho Vegas housed 63 rooms, however it only stood for 20 years before a fire destroyed it. Its success, however, encouraged other hoteliers and casino owners to build their casinos in the area. And so Vegas US casinos became a popular spot for US gambling.

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The next hotel on the scene was the Hotel Last Frontier in 1942. This was followed by the Flamingo, which opened in 1946. In 1969, the biggest hotel in the world opened in Las Vegas, USA and it began an era of mega-resorts which we still find developing to this day. This hotel was named The International. The Mirage, which opened in 1989 offered, not only rooms, but entertainment and dining, as well. It also contained a casino for US gambling. Other famous casino/ hotels on The Strip today are the MGM Mirage and Treasure Island.

The casinos and hotels that opened in Las Vegas, USA on The Strip also attempted to attract younger clientele, particularly families. The current, modern MGM grand opened in 1993 with an amusement park attached. The amusement park however, closed in 2000 due to lack of support. In 2003, Treasure Island closed its video arcade for similar reasons.

The Las Vegas Strip is no longer the highest-grossing gambling center in the world. It falls into second place behind Macau, however, for US gambling it is still a highly popular center of US casinos.

Las Vegas, USA, offers many attractions other than the US casinos and this adds to the pull to the area for many gamblers both Americans and visitors. It is very convenient to get to The Strip from wherever you may be staying in Las Vegas. There are free shuttles between many Vegas casinos and hotels to add to the convenience of this US gambling center.

Many of the Vegas casinos have designed their facades so that potential customers can easily walk up to them. In fact, some of the casino entrances have become attractions in and of themselves.

Some of the resorts that can be found on The Strip contain golf courses that provide tee times for guests. There are also many shopping malls to be found, as well as entertainment attractions. Some Las Vegas casinos provide free attractions. You can opt to go on a day trip, go on an animal adventure or visit one of the fascinating museums that can be found in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. There are many other activities and sites to see for those that want a break from the US casino scene.