Best Online Casino Directory

Surfing across the Internet, players will come across several online casino directories that list the best casino sites or the top ten online casinos. The question arises in the players’ minds is which is the best online casino directory.

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In order to get an answer to the question players have to first understand the process behind the rating or ranking of casinos. First of all the directories categorize the features of online gambling that are important to players and that need to be ranked. These include best casino games, best casino bonuses, best casino odds, best casino payouts, best casino promotions and best casino customer support. For each category the directory asks experts to compare the performance of each casino and assign it some sort of marks or grades. The marks or grades are then summed over all categories to arrive at a ranking or rating for the online casino. Some online directories ask players to vote instead of using experts.

When directories are evaluating best casino games they might consider the following factors. One is the range of games offered, particularly establishing if all types of games are covered. Another factor is the total number of games offered. The reputation of the games software provider is an important factor. There are technical issues like speed of games and comfort issues like whether the rules are clearly explained. An issue lately becoming important is the frequency of addition of new games.

A similar exercise is done in evaluating the best casino bonuses. The directories see if the common kinds of bonuses are available such as sign in bonus, refer a friend bonus and loyalty programs. They look at the bonus percentages and limits. They evaluate the wagering requirements that are imposed in order to avail of the bonuses and the time given to do so. Directories also look at the countries or regions where the bonuses are not applicable or are applicable with enhanced wagering requirements.

For customer support the important factors are whether there is an adequate FAQs section. A good FAQs section eliminates or minimizes the need to contact customer support. Three common methods of customer support are telephone, e-mail and live chat. Directories first check if all are available. For telephone support toll free numbers are preferred. Experts actually contact customer support to establish if the responses are quick, courteous and useful.

So how do player know which is the best online casino directory. First the player must check if the directory considers all the above-mentioned factors in making its evaluation. If it does not do so then it is not a good directory. The second test involves browsing through a dozen or so directories. Most good directories show somewhat similar results. If a directory has ranked a casino as #1, whereas most other directories do not give it a place in the top ten casinos players can be rest assured that there is something fishy with the directory. However the best test is the players checking out a few of the top ten casinos mentioned in the directory and ascertaining for themselves how accurate is the reporting.