The Best Casino Bets

Seasoned gamblers know that the best casino games to bet on are those with the lowest house advantages or those that offer the player some type of advantage. Some bets are always better than others. Here is a list of some of the best casino bets available today.

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Poker is a game that requires skill if you want to be the best. The casino poker players are playing against each other and not competing against the house. It is one of the best casino bets out there for knowledgeable players. There is no house advantage bar a small sum that the house takes from each pot. Learning all the tricks and tips of how to play will give you a great advantage.

Players who can count cards have a one to two percent advantage over the casino. Card counting is a skill that will eventually take you a lot of commitment to master. It is not strictly illegal but card counters must learn to disguise their skills if they don't want to be barred from playing. In New Jersey, casinos are not allowed to bar you but they can force you to shuffle up on or flat bet if you're caught.

Learning to play Blackjack basic strategy will allow you to lower the house advantage to around 0.8%. The casino edge is determined by the rules of the game and the number of decks used. A player can figure out the house advantage by using this information. With basic strategy you will learn to base your decisions to split, hit or stand on strict set rules based the math calculations of the game.

Video poker requires almost as much skill as normal poker but can be one of your best casino bets if you take the right playing decisions to take advantage of the low house edge. Many video poker machines have a house edge of less than 0.5% and some games can offer players who utilize perfect mathematical strategy a hundred percent payback. You should be able to determine the payback of the video poker machine by reading its schedule. Remember that the house advantage is set up according to the pay table.

Playing Pai Gow and choosing to act as the Banker is also one of the best casino bets. You can expect to pay 5% commission to the casino when you ‘bank' the game. You are able to win the wager of any player that you manage to beat. Pai Gow is a game that requires skill in knowing how to set the hands. A skilled gamer can definitely gain the edge over a less skilful player.

When you play craps, the don't pass and don't come games is a slightly better bet than the pass line bet. The house edge is set at 1.14 percent, making this one of the best casino bets around. You can lower this to around 0.5 % by laying double odds. Many crap players, however, prefer to wager with their shooter on the passline.