Best Casino Bets

The best casino bets are the ones where either the player has an advantage or the at least where the house has the lowest edge possible. Of course the percentages vary from casino to casino, but there are some games and bets that are consistently better than others. Here are some of the best casino bets, games, and ways of winning available.

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Blackjack if played right can give a house edge of as little as one percent. Playing right, means basic strategy, playing it and sticking to it one hundred and ten percent. Basic Strategy is a well known guideline for when to hit, when to stand, when to double and when to split. It is often difficult to follow because it allows for no intuition and no flexibility, but when followed it really works.

We have already seen that blackjack in general is one of the best casino bets around; you play only against the dealer and it is entirely a game of math and statistics. If, however, you were to throw card counting into the pot as well it would make it probably the king of all the best casino bets around. Card counting is a skill that enables you to better assess your situation in the game and thereby appraise the odds of each choice being fruitful. In general the card counter has a 1 to 2 percentage advantage over the non card counter, and in a game with such a minute house edge this makes it positively profitable.

Video poker is deemed by many to be a very fair game offering good casino odds for the player. Unlike slots and other computerized games and casino machines, it does require a certain amount of skill and therefore provides the opportunity for good payouts with some providing a 100% payout on a precisely correct mathematical sequence.

Baccarat provides a number of contenders for the best casino bets available. In terms of the house edge, the banker bet is a good one in Baccarat at only 1.06%, however one must bear in mind that a commission is mandatory on a win. The player bet in Baccarat, comes with a higher house edge than the banker bet but is none-the-less one of the best casino bets around with a house edge of 1.24%.

Casino Poker, when talking about the best casino bets, has to be one of the top runners. All forms of true poker are skill games entirely and because it is played solely against other players and not against the house there is no house edge, with the exception of the small rakeback taken. This does not mean that everyone who plays poker will win, but for the good players there is no reason why not to. Learning poker to a high enough level to play in the casino and really take advantage of the opportunities offered in doing so is very much worth while as a good player who knows when to fold, when to bluff; when to check and when to raise, will find in casino poker the best casino bet.