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If you are going to be a regular gambler and spend lots of time in casinos, you will need to learn some valuable lessons about bankroll management. This is especially true if you are going to play in a top casino online.

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Most people gamble for fun, with the hope they might win a little money. If this is your goal, then you will certainly enjoy your gaming experience. If you are trying to make a living at it, then you will need a different strategy entirely.

Either way, managing your money is critical. If you are playing live or have your money in a top online casino, there are many tactics you can employ to protect your bankroll.

If you are trying to make a living and still want to gamble for fun, or simply want to watch your money, the Double Bankroll system is the way to go.

First, if you are planning to make a living in a casino, we highly recommend poker, sports betting, horse betting or blackjack. Any other game is too reliant on chance and house edge to be successful long term. Either way, the Double Bankroll system will keep you in the game, especially if you like the rush of gambling while you are trying to make money on the side.
Bankroll A is your serious gaming bankroll. This is the one where you are going to invest your money in a top online casino and play serious games to try to win. You must budget this specifically. This has to be the maximum amount you are willing to lose without getting yourself in financial trouble. If your potential bankroll for this is $200 a week, then budget $180 per week into Bankroll A, and play with that for you main wagers.

Take the other $20 and put that in bankroll B. This is your action money. You will use this either in the casino or a top casino online to fulfill your gaming rush. When you lose it, you lose it. But use it for low level games, slots, etc. where you can get your gambling fix.

Bankroll A is a different animal. This is your investment. When it busts out, you shut down for the week. With this bankroll, you have to think of your wagers as investments. Carefully plot out how and when you will use them to get your maximum return on investment. This is not gambling; this is an investment in your gambling bankroll. It will be more volatile than most investments, but it will also yield higher returns.

This works in live casings as well as a top casino online. By splitting your bankroll into "serious" money and "fun" money, you will eventually be successful in your wagering and still get your gambling fix. No matter how serious you get, you still want to be able to have fun. Occasionally, Bankroll B will hit a big one and will help fund the next week’s Bankroll A. Again, always wager within your bankroll, no matter which one it is.