Top Online Casinos

There are several things that make for top online casinos. Safety of play, safety of money, quality of graphics, quality of gaming and software are just a few things.

There are also things like bonuses and player referral programs at the top online casinos.
The most successful of the top online casinos in the United States in particular are the poker rooms. Here are the top online poker rooms for U.S. players, and how they compare to the top online casinos.

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1) PokerStars. Simply the largest and the best for U.S. play. No matter what game you are interested in, PokerStars will fill it. Cash games galore, the best sit n go schedule anywhere and lots of qualifiers for major live tournaments. PokerStars is not the most visually attractive site, but for the pure poker player, it has everything you want. Recently added the popular five-card draw game. PokerStars is the poker equivalent of the top online casinos

2) Full Tilt. Graphically Full Tilt is way ahead of PokerStars, and its incredible stable of professionals can show up almost anywhere. They have an excellent bonus plan where if you knock out a pro in a scheduled tournament, you get a bounty up to the amount of the buy-in. Another wide a wide variety of games and an excellent sit n go schedule. This one also compares favorably with top online casinos.

3) Ultimate Bet. Does not fill its games as fast as the other two sites, especially with sit n gos, but this is a very nice site. The graphics quality is probably better than PokerStars but not as good as Full Tilt. The quality of play is a little below those two sites as well.

4) Bodog Poker. This one belongs on the list top online casinos of any kind. Bodog offers race and sports betting and a full casino and is available to U.S. players. The poker room is solid and gives players a chance to play as well as wager on other things on the Bodog site. When it comes to top online casinos, this one is in the mix.

5) Doyles Room. Recently returned to the U.S. market and players are slowly flocking back. A nice site but has lost a lot of ground to the others.

Whichever one of these sites you choose, you will have little problem getting money in and out, even in the United States, which is another characteristic of the top online casinos. If you want to find the top online casinos for U.S. players, most of them are poker rooms, and these are clearly the best of that group.

The best overall of the top online casinos for U.S. players is Bodog. Besides the poker room, it offers sports and horse wagering, as well as a nice casino. Ultimate Bet also offers blackjack.
The other top online casinos on the best five list are all poker only. However, if you are into that game, they are all worth checking out. You will find they compare favorably with the top online casinos.