Online Casinos Vs Offline Casinos


In today’s world, many of the people that have previously not been able to make regular trips to casinos because of the fact that there are no casinos close to them now have somewhere else that they can do in order to push their casino gaming. This new place is the online casino, which has made an astounding amount of progress in terms of the gambling market share it now holds in just a few years time. Online casinos date back at their earliest to the turn of the century and the fact that in just a few years they have made such in-roads on the business that had been held by physical brick and mortar casinos for centuries shows exactly how powerful a force they are in this world. Here are some of the differences between online casino and offline casino products.

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When you are playing at an offline casino, you can expect that the speed at which the action goes will be pretty small. You can expect maybe 20 to 25 roulette spins an hour if you are lucky and have a fast dealer and you can expect perhaps 30 to 40 blackjack hands being dealt each hour in hours that the game is not delayed by the reshuffling of the cards. When you are physical facilities, multiple people making decisions about what to do at the table and the time needed for the dealer to reload everything, physically make the chip payouts to winners and take the chips of losers and essentially keep order at the table, what you are going to find is a very slow speed overall.

This was not previously a problem however, because there was no way to measure the speed of the brick and mortar casino relative to something else. However, the online casino has come by and totally destroyed the speed of the brick and mortar casino because of the fact that everything is done in virtual reality and is done by computers which no human dealer could ever hope to live up to in terms of processing power. A good example of this would be the game of roulette. Each roulette spin requires placing a bet, spinning the wheel and making payouts to anybody that happens to win. When you consider this in great detail, you can see why the dealer takes a long time for each spin. However, when you consider this online, the computer does all of this instantaneously and therefore instead of playing around 20 spins an hour at a brick and mortar roulette table, you can now play well over 100 an hour if you are just focused on the game.


Another important difference between the online casinos and offline casinos is the issue of convenience. You likely have to get up very early in the morning to beat the traffic to the casino that happens to be in your region and even when you happen to beat the traffic to that casino, what you are going to find is that you either have to wait in line for a casino game or maybe even are not able to play because it is not running at that time. Online casinos are always available and the staff never sleeps! In fact, you can even play for a few minutes and then leave the casino software running while you go do something else and come back! That kind of convenience could never ever be matched by the world of offline casinos.of convenience could never ever be matched by the world of offline casinos.