Microgaming Casinos

Microgaming casinos enjoy an unenviable reputation in the online gaming industry. Players are assured of the best games and a fair deal from Microgaming casinos. The casino operators are assured of the most innovative technology and the best back up service. No wonder then Microgaming software runs over 120 casinos and 40 poker rooms on the Internet. The Microgaming casinos offer more than 300 unique games, many of them in multi player and multi language format.

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One of the major attractions of Microgaming casinos is the Progressive Jackpot Network, which offers the biggest online jackpots. Because the progressive games in the various Microgaming casinos are interconnected, the jackpots grow at a furious pace and offer fantastic payouts. Microgaming casinos have paid more than $200m. Nine of the payouts have been of over $1 million each.

Microgaming offers its casinos not only the most exciting games but also complete casino services. A dedicated Microgaming team sets up the Microgaming casino operations; the Microgaming Training Academy trains casino personnel in all aspects of casino operations and the Microgaming Operator Conferences bring together different Microgaming casinos to share experiences for the benefit of all. If this were not enough Microgaming casinos are assured of technical support round the clock and continuous system maintenance. They automatically get all the new games releases and the feature upgrades. Microgaming has a full-fledged research and development department where new games and new business models are developed on an on going basis. Microgaming casinos naturally benefit from this research and development.

The gaming experience is incomplete without back office management. Players want to check back on their moves to analyze their strategies and correct their mistakes. Therefore Microgaming casinos keep track of every move made by every player in every game. Not only that but this information is quickly accessible to the players in a manner that is useful. Two trademarked features of Microgaming casinos are worth mentioning in this respect. One is PlayCheck, which provides a complete and instant overview of all players’ gaming activity in one simple statement. The other is CashCheck, which enables players to check out whether they are winning or losing by getting an overview of all their purchases and payouts in a simple statement. Both these statements can be obtained by a single mouse click. This is one more reason why Microgaming casinos are so popular.

Microgaming casinos instill confidence in other aspects of online gaming as well. Independently audited payout percentage reports are provided monthly so that players can compare the actual payouts with the theoretical payouts for each game and thus be assured that the games are fair. Quick, efficient and secure financial transactions are an important criterion needed in online casinos. In this respect Microgaming casinos have tied up with the AIM listed processing company, Datacash Group plc, to ensure perfect payment processing.

As such Microgaming casinos are easily recognized because they display the Microgaming logo. However the Microgaming website lists and provides links to all Microgaming casinos and this is a simpler way to access them.