The Ins And Outs of Progressive Slots

To understand better this game you should understand what progressive slots are in the first place. The progressive slots are a group of interlinked machines that collect a percentage of all the money put in each of the interlinked machines. In this way the progressive slots would build quite an enviable amount to be won. There are in fact three major types of progressive slots:

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  1. The stand alone progressive slot machine

    with this slot machine there is no network; no other machines attached to it. What you have is a single machine which takes a percentage of the coins put in it for the progressive jackpot. This would be won when the highest winning combination is hit. This progressive jackpot in obviously much lesser than the one which has a large network; nonetheless, it is wonderful.
  1. Proprietary progressive slot machines

    here you will find a group of machines linked together by a casino. These could be standing in one place say the casino itself or these could be distributed in different places like shopping malls, gaming parlors, etc. The winning of a progressive jackpot of this type can be really big and the good news is that you can hit them often.
  1. Wide area progressive

    this is the jackpot that you would dream about the multi-million jackpot and the money to this jackpot is contributed by machines in many casinos spanning over many states. Obviously because of the wide area coverage and the hundreds or sometimes thousands of machines interlinked the jackpot can be unimaginably huge. This is something you need to take a shot and really try your luck.

The progressive slots as you can see if all about pooling together money from each game form one machine or more into a large jackpot. Sometimes, these are the property of one casino, and sometimes many are involved and the more they are in the game, the larger is the jackpot that you have a chance to win. You might not have more chances to win this jackpot than any other slot machine but the fun, the thrill and the anticipation of that big, big winning is there always.

As regards the casino odds, the stand alones are the best bets. Here is where you can hit it, even if that is not as big as you would like it to be. Here is a realistic chance that you will get it. Next comes the in house progressive slots or the slot machines that are interlinked on the premises of one casino. The winnings are a little larger than those you would get from the standalone progressive slot machine, but then your chances to win it would be a little tougher as well. The last in the hierarchy would be the wide area progressive slots but hey, the prize here runs in millions.

It is great to win big and the progressive slots offer a real way to some big cash prizes; however, you need to keep in mind that this is pure gambling and it all depends on luck!