The Best Online Casinos

Figuring out the best online casino isnít easy. There are a thousand different criteria that go into picking one. It really does come down to the individual player. It is a combination of sign up bonuses, games and convenience that go into picking the best online casino.

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Many Web sites and magazines give awards for the best online casino. U.S. players are limited in their choices because many of the top casinos do not take U.S. players. The best online casino for U.S. players is probably Bodog with its wide variety of games and easy access.

The best online casino for people outside the U.S. who do not like Bodog is probably Golden Palace. is one of the most famous sites in the world. Thanks to an original and often bizarre marketing plan, the site has become famous around the world. However, itís also a definite contender for best online casino.

Golden Palace has been a staple on the gaming landscape since 1997 and has been in that mix for best online casino ever since.

Some of the highlights include:

1) Free online play. This way players can get a sense of all the games, navigate the site and improve their skill level before investing real money.

2) A 300 percent sign up bonus, which is one of the most generous in the business.

3) An excellent poker room with lots of options.

4) State of the art software that is very strong graphically and gives the player an excellent casino feel.

5) Live dealer games with streaming video, which is one of the latest technological advancements and is only available in the best online casino contenders.

Golden Palace offers all of the table games and slots available in the PlayTech world. Playtech software is behind it. Golden Palace might just be the best online casino. U.S. players will not get to experience it because your IP address will not let you in.

There are still very good options for U.S. players. But if you are elsewhere around the world, investigate Golden Palace before you make your decision. Keep in mind everyone has different needs and desires in a casino. So you might hate the site and be much more comfortable with another. This is perfectly acceptable and you should spend some time making sure you have found the site you want.

Sometimes, you might want a smaller site with fewer players to get more personal attention. Or you might want something with older, less intricate software if you have an old slow computer. If thatís the case, then you need to find the best online casino for you.

No two casinos are alike. The things that make Golden Palace appealing to many players may be a turnoff to you. Take some time to first decide what you want in the best online casino and then find it. You will then be on your way to the best possible gaming experience. For a starting point, check out Golden Palace and see if it is the best online casino fit for you.