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Rushmore Casino is owned and operated by Isagro Holdings of Nicosia, Cyprus. It comes under Malta jurisdiction. It mission is to provide "Amazing gaming " Unbelievable Entertainment and Unrivalled Customer Service, which it most definitely does.

The lobby of Rushmore Casino is excellent. The black background adds elegance to the text and graphics. The animation of the roulette wheel stretches across the screen. The video scanning the bet laden table and zooming in on the spinning wheel with the ball finally settling in the "1 Red" slot is an invitation few will be able resist. There is not much information in the lobby; therefore the whopping $888 welcome bonus stands highlighted. Also prominent is the progressive jackpots ticker that continuously announces the current jackpot level for a variety of jackpot games such as It's Good to be Bad, Iris 3000, The Shark, Midlife Crisis and Crazy Dragon. But the site is easy to navigate and the required information is presented in an orderly manner. (Read More)

Click here to visit Rushmore Casino
Online Casino Gambling Bonuses
Gambling has been one of the most-loved games of man kind. With the advent of online gambling, one need not go to a particular place to get their share of the fun. The easy way of operation and the amount of money to be owned is so attractive that more and more people have made the online casino industry into a booming business. Keeping in mind the heavy rush these online casinos invite, they also offer competitive and attractive casino bonus offers. There is a variety of offers found on the internet that one can make use of to get the best out of online gambling and eventually, get the best online casino bonuses.

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There are about 2000 or more online casinos available on the World Wide Web. When one wishes to gamble on the net, it becomes important to keep in mind certain facts that would make it easier and safer to gamble. One needs to know before putting his hard earned money into online casinos that the chances of getting cheated on the net can not be avoided. Considering facts like how safe a particular online casino is, how can one maximize the supposed profit and how the bonus is paid etc. would definitely help one to avoid getting cheated. No doubt the online casino bonuses sound pretty good, but if these facts are not taken into consideration it can turn into a nightmare.

There are various guides available on the net that one can refer to remain updated with all the new and emerging terms and condition of the online casinos. Most top casinos offer attractive bonus offers as promotion stunts, but one needs to be very careful to choose the best casinos that are reliable. Usually, the casinos, which are on probation or blacklisted, must be avoided and going through the terms and conditions before signing up is also essential as the bonus offers keep changing almost daily. Some online casinos also offer sign-up bonus offers, e.g., for the initial deposit of $200, one can get it back once he has won twenty times more than the amount initially deposited, which is also known as the wager requirement. The best casino bonuses are generally the ones with relatively low wager requirements.

Games like Blackjack ensure that you get about 99.5% back by simply following the Strategy Card. A typical blackjack game generally starts with $2-4 per hand, so one needs to play about 1000 hands to reach the wager requirement. With a faster internet connection, one can play about 400 times per hour. This is the reason why players choose simple games like Blackjack or Video Poker or any other house advantage games to reach the wager requirement. Making a list of the online casinos that one has played helps to keep some knowledge on the bonus offers these casinos provide.

The list of best online casinos can also be obtained from the best online casino directories and the particular casino bonus offers can be known by visiting these online casinos. Most online casinos do not ask for any documentation to give you the bonus amount but some ask for a screenshot of the win to allow the bonus amount to be cashed.
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