Reading Lists of Top Ten Casinos

Looking for the top casinos in the Internet is quite easy. In fact, it is too easy. This is because there are numerous sites that provide their own list of top online casinos. All these casinos are given enthusiastic positive reviews. With so many online casinos that made it to the coveted top ten casinos list, a player feels overcome with the thought of having to try each of these online casinos one by one to find the casino that suits the needs of the player.

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Fortunately, if the player already knows how to play certain gambling games, such as poker, the task of finding the top casinos gets easier. There are only two things to do. First, the player must find reputable reviews of the casinos. The emphasis is on the word "reputable" because some of the positive reviews may have been given by someone who is employed by the casino. The second thing to do is to treat each casino review in the same way as a player would treat his opponents in poker. That is, a player should be able to read the "tells" from the reviews.

In the game of poker, an alert player most invariably wins because he observes the "tells" that are exhibited by his opponent. A "tell" is a certain movement, sound, a facial expression, or a look in the eye that will indicate whether the opponent has a good hand or a bad hand. For example, a player might be drumming his fingers with impatience each time he gets a good hand. When he raises a bet, it would be more prudent to fold because that player is not bluffing. But if such a "tell" was not observed and he raised the bet, the probability that he is bluffing is very high. The same technique can be used in reading the lists of top ten casinos.

A certain casino may have been listed as one of the top casinos because it gives huge casino bonuses. These bonuses may range from $300 to $500. Obviously, the other casinos that could not equal such bonuses will not make it in the top ten casinos list. What is the "tell" in this situation? The "tell" is evidently the "bonus."

Not all players are the same. Some like the thrill of playing low-odds games. Others enjoy high-stakes games. And still others give greater appreciation for casino bonuses. Are you the kind of player who puts premium on bonuses? If the answer is affirmative, then such a list is useful for you. But, perhaps, you are the type of player who likes to win often. Then the list of top casinos that you need should be based on casino payouts. After all, what is the value of bonuses when you lose them all in one day?

If the "tells" that you find in the review indicate that they evaluate online casinos in a way that is different from how you would have done it, then it is best to move on to the next top ten casinos list. In such a list, use again your well-polished poker skills.