Types of Online Casino Keno Bets


Keno has been a popular game for a long time and in fact in many places of the world it has become so popular that the government run lotteries have also offered it as a game for the lotteries in addition to offering it as a game at the casinos in the same area. However, the online version of the Keno game is quite a bit different from the offline version of the game and the main reason that the differences exist is primarily because of the different advantages of the house in online and offline Keno. Keno online frequently has a lower house advantage than in the offline version and this is facilitated through the use of different bets.

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Straight Bets

Straight bets are one of the betting types that is the same in online Keno and offline Keno and this is primarily because of the fact that they represent the mainstay of betting that is done in the game. When people walk past a Keno both offline or notice it online, the most frequent type of bet they are going to make is a straight bet. A straight bet involves you picking the numbers that you would like to see rolled and then hoping that enough of those numbers appear on the next draw that you end up winning a prize. In a straight bet, you can pick up to 15 different numbers for your one ticket on the next draw and 20 numbers will ultimately be drawn. The more numbers you have that agree, the more money you will end up winning.

Way Bets

Way bets are a bit different online than offline and in fact they tend to be more popular online because of the fact that some casino software packages will actually calculate everything you need to know for the way bet right there in front of you. It is also a lot easier to place the way bet since online you just have to point and click and that also contributes somewhat to the popularity of way bets online.

A way bet is a combination of a straight bet as well as groupings within the straight bet to create additional bets. For example, if you were to straight bet on the numbers 1-10, you could also group that numbers in order to create a way bet. This way, you could have six different bets (straight bet + 5 groups of 2 for the way bet) or three different bets (straight bet + 2 groups of 5 for the way bet) and still have a chance at winning something in one of your groups even if the straight bet does not match enough numbers to return a success to you.

Combination Bets

Combination bets are similar to way bets, except instead of a straight bet you actually combine the different groups with each other to form the different bets. For example, if you had three different groups of two numbers, then you could combine those with each other into three different bets of four numbers. This would be known as a 3-way bet (because of the three groups) that has four spots (because of the fact that four numbers would be in each bet due to the combination of groups of two).