Video Poker: The Best Casino Games

The top online casinos today offer a wide range of games that include card games, table games and slot machines. But the most popular of the games by far are the video poker games. Video poker games involve the right mix of luck and skill and this makes them the best casino games. In games like slots and roulette there is absolutely no skill involved. In slots the machine generates the line of symbols, which is matched with the payout table and the winnings, if any, are credited to the player's account. All the player has to do is to place his bet and activate the game. In roulette the player places his bets and the winning number is generated by the spin of the wheel. Again the player does not display any skill. Hence though the games of pure chance are good casino games they do not qualify for the best casino games.

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On the other end of the spectrum are games like blackjack and poker that require skills that an average player is not interested in mastering. Blackjack involves memorizing complex tables that indicate optimum decisions under a variety of conditions and being able to recall the tables in quick real time. Poker is a game played against other players and in addition to card skills it involves the art of bluffing and calling bluffs. Most players hold these games in awe and would not consider them to be the best online casino gambling.

Video poker games strike the golden mean between these two categories. Five cards are generated by the random number generator in video poker games just as five symbols are generated in 5-reel slots. This much is luck. Then the skill takes over. The player can ask for any number of these five cards to be replaced. His choice has to be such that it gives him maximum chance of securing a winning pay line after the cards are replaced. Therefore the selection is not random but based on likely outcomes. What makes video poker more interesting is that there are many variations involved. Each variation has a different payout table, which implies that the winning combinations and payouts are different. Hence a different selection of cards to be replaced is the optimum one.

In addition to luck and skill there are two other attributes that make video poker games the best casino games. One is the infinite variety possible in these games. They can be tuned to match every type of gambling temperament. Some video poker games have few pay lines but the best casino payouts so as to provide the huge winnings to those who desire of striking jackpots. Other games have a large number of pay lines with smaller payouts that will very likely leave players with either a small surplus or a minor dent to their pockets. The second attribute is speed. A player can play up to thousand games in a few hours if he is focused. The latest multi-hand games allow for even more hands per hour.

It is no wonder then that video poker offers the best online casino gambling.