Poker Card Room Rules

Poker Card Room Rules are standard rules that every poker player is expected to follow in a poker room or online casino. Even though it may vary from one casino to another, the basic poker card room rules are the same. In this article, we'll see few of those basic poker card room rules.

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  1. Poker rooms prefer player chat in 'English', with the exemption of specially designated 'national' tourneys.
  2. Poker players are expected to conduct themselves in a gentleman way, all through out the game and in his/her interaction with co-players. Anything rude or abusive will not be tolerated, and those players resorting to such conducts will be penalized, including the suspension of chat facility temporarily/permanently. Repeated breach of poker rules would invite cancellation of player privileges as well.
  3. Using chat for any other purpose than interacting with players is prohibited. That is, players are advised against using the chat feature for advertising or other commercial activities. Resorting to the same could invite penalties/barring.
  4. There is a limit to the number of players who could play at a given time. The other players can book their slots, if the game of their choice is not available when they arrive, and they'll be paged as soon as the seat becomes available.
  5. By start playing the poker game, the player in essence agrees that the management will have the final word in the way the play may be conducted.
  6. Poker players are not expected to type words or phrases that disturb the other players. Also, attempts to 'spam' tables with announcements of sit and go events or private tournaments will not be tolerated. Management reserves the right to even bar players resorting to such activities from making any future participation in the games.
  7. Poker players folding their hands must not discuss the cards they have folded. Since such actions could tilt the advantage towards some still playing players, it'll be viewed upon as un-sportsmanship like and such moves will be penalized. This is applicable for both cash games and tournaments.
  8. In cash games, however, it is allowed for still in players to chat about the cards they claim to hold. This is called 'coffee housing' traditionally, and is very common in all forms of poker. But, players are not supposed to coach others on the cards they must play next time. More simplistically, it is ok to say 'you must call, I am bluffing', but it is not ok to say 'you must call, he's bluffing'.
  9. In cash games and tourneys, if there are more than two players in a pot, the players must refrain from making comments that can be reasonably interpreted as directed towards affecting the play of the hand. For example, in a scenario where player A bets, B is the next player to act, then C is not expected to make comment like 'I am going to fold', not withstanding whether he actually folds or not.
  10. Winning hands must show their cards face up on the betting table.
  11. Should any dispute arise in any poker game, the management will have a final say.