Types of Poker Tournaments

Introduction to Online Poker Tournaments

While most professional players swear by the exhilaration of traditional poker venues (poker rooms and casinos), online poker continues to gain ground among novices as well as expert players. Aside from the fact that online poker is cheaper than traditional poker with its much smaller overhead count, it also provides diversity in terms of poker tournaments offered for an exciting poker experience.

Type of Online Poker Tournaments

Online poker offers a variety of competitions for the players to choose from. Entering these tournaments for participation is very easy. Players have ample scope to prepare thoroughly before entering a tournament. They can also get tutorials and practical poker tips from different websites that talk about online poker strategies, so you are prepared to enter the tournament and do not have to face up to the embarrassment of having your rival knock you out early in the tournament.

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Next, let us take a look at some of the types of online poker tournaments that you can look to participate in.

Turbo Sit & Go and Multi Table Online Poker Tournament

As the name suggests, Turbo Sit & Go Online Poker is a tournament that is all about speed and pressure. Not your typical Sit & Go Tournament, this tournament is designed to increase the adrenalin levels as well as the speed of play. Instead of blinds going up every six minutes, as it so happens in your traditional Sit & Go tournaments, here the blind stakes go up every three minutes.

In a Multi Table online poker tournament, the blinds are raised every five minutes instead of the usual 10 minutes, again contributing to increased excitement, higher stakes, faster results and ideally bigger winnings.

Speed Table Online Poker Tournament

A Speed Table tournament is perfect for players who hate waiting around as games meander needlessly on for long periods of time, and where other players take an eternity to respond. In this kind of an online poker tournament, blinds are posted automatically and the response time also gets cut in half. This type of online poker is basically a no-frills affair, and comes without the flashy animations that enhance the look and feel of other online poker tournaments but impact the speed of play.

Cap Game Online Poker Tournament

For players who enjoy no limit/pot limit games, a Cap Game online poker tournament is the ultimate online poker tournamnent. In this kind of tournament, there is no change in the way the games are traditionally played. Players play the hands the same way as they do in regular no limit/pay limit online poker games and tournaments, until a player reaches the cap. When this happens, the players left in the hand are considered all-in.

Double Stack Tournament

For those players that love an action-packed game, the best bet is to go for a Double Stack tournament. With a start-off of about 3,000 chips, a double stack tournament is a definite guarantee of more fun and excitement for the players involved.