10 Tips for the Beginner to Play Online Texas Hold'em

Online Texas Hold'em is a very popular game played by millions around the world. Many more are joining ranks every day. In case the magic of Texas Hold'em attracts you as well, here are 10 tips that would help you play like a pro.

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1. Wait for the right cards most online players are too impatient to wait for the cards to come around before they raise the pot. Do not play marginal hands in the beginning; that is better played in late positions.

2. Do not see too many pots when playing the trick to win more pots is not seeing too many pots, but playing tight against loose online players.

3. Speed read a flop don't rush in the beginning. When you are new at the Texas Hold'em game you may need sometime to get oriented and recognize the potential of the hand you are holding. It is okay if you lay low for a few rounds before you come in for some action.

4. Play in line with the speed in the real world you would see about thirty hands per hour; while during a Texas Holdem online game this number could be double because the dealer here (online) is faster (read computerized). The speed also picks up because you are timed when you play online and you get a beep if you are too late to remind you that should take some action. The beep is a warning to the payer to play and if in the next 1-20 seconds he/she does not join, the computer folds his/her hand and the Texas Holdem game adjusts accordingly.

5. Keep notes on details of the game many online poker sites allow the use of a software which provides a 'notes box'. You can write there things that you find important such us the pattern of betting of different (regular) players, the limits of certain rooms, card patterns in a poker game and so on. These notes can help you play better and keep track of things that could be important for your winning.

6. Tells are useful tells are usually found at live tables; however even online you could gather a lot of information if you are watchful. For example, consider that you are in beginning position and the rest of hands are turned in pretty fast this could be the result of an automatic playing (button) and that signifies that the game is not too strong there.

7. Start small before you are ready for the big games, gather experience from participating is small tournaments. It is a heady experience when you win and you could win some lovely prizes besides you would be preparing for the big tournaments later on.

8. Play with controlled bets many people get excited and bet more than can loose and then land in trouble. Play for the fun of it and always under bet than overbet.

9. Beware that gambling can be addictive do not play poker to escape grief or any other problem that you may be experiencing. This can become an addiction and if so, it would cease to be fun.

10. Have your games scheduled well do not pack too much into your program so you would have to keep an eye on the watch while playing. Remember, you are playing to enjoy the online poker game allow yourself to do so.