Wild Jack Poker Overview

Despite the name, jacks aren't really wild at Wild Jack Poker! However, the game itself as represented at Wild Jack Poker is phenomenal and to find out why just continue reading through the rest of this review.

Wild Jack Poker Welcomes US Players

The only thing that would prevent this from being true is if your particular region outlawed online gambling. Currently, the states of Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin all have bans in place on online gambling, but the rest of the states do not. So, if you are not from any of the above mentioned states you are welcome to play at Wild Jack Poker.

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Wild Jack Poker Bonus & Promotions

There are two primary promotions that Wild Jack Poker runs on a very regular basis. The first of those promotions is a welcome bonus that is worth 25% up to $100. This is not a particularly good bonus, but at the same time if you were to go around collecting bonuses it is also an easy bonus to fulfill; especially if you deposit $400 in order to get the full $100 bonus. This is because the raked hand requirement if you go for the maximum bonus is only 500 raked hands and therefore you can clear the bonus very quickly indeed.

In addition to this first time sign up bonus, there is also something known as a loyalty bonus. This is a rewards program, similar to the type of program you can expect from a credit card. Instead of being based on purchases however, it is based on rake taken. You get points based on rake taken and these points can then be redeemed in order to enter into tournaments where you could eventually win a large prize, just from the use of your loyalty points.

Wild Jack Poker Games & Software

Microgaming is the company responsible for the creation of the Wild Jack Poker software and they also happen to have one of the best reputations around as far as their software package is concerned. Microgaming makes the software for the whole Prima Poker network and they get very few complaints regarding the quality of their software.

As for the games themselves, the most popular variants in real life such as Hold 'Em, Omaha, Omaha/8, Stud and Stud/8 are offered at Wild Jack Poker, but the only reliably filled game that you can find during non-peak hours is very likely going to be no limit Texas Hold 'Em in the smaller to medium range of blinds. In addition, the only sit n' go tournaments that fill with any reasonable speed are the Texas Hold 'Em ones. If you can find a guaranteed prize pool non-hold 'em tournament, chances are that it is going to be under-represented and therefore will allow you the chance to win money at better odds than what you bought in for.

Wild Jack Poker Deposit & Withdrawal Options

The following options are available: Click2Pay, NETeller, Ukash, credit card and debit card.

Wild Jack Poker Support

If the question that you have is not answered through the use of the FAQ documents, then Wild Jack Poker also has e-mail and phone support for you to use.

Download Wild Jack Poker Now

Wild Jack Poker is one of the best websites around for online poker playing and now you know why. Go ahead and use this knowledge to your advantage and download Wild Jack Poker now!