Playtech Limited - Poker Three

Casino gaming is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. People of all ages enjoy various games of chance in casinos around the world.

However, online casinos have become even bigger. Groups such as Play Tech limited are involved with casinos, poker rooms and Internet gaming sites of all kinds.
There is no shortage of games available to players.

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One of the games offered by Play Tech limited at most of its online casinos is Poker Three, which is the same as what many gamers know as Three Card Poker.

The rules of Three Card Poker are as follows:

1) The player makes an ante. The player gets three cards, as does the dealer. The dealer's cards are face down.

2) The player now has a choice. First, fold his hand and give up the ante. Or he or she can raise, which means the bet must now be twice the original ante. For instance, if the ante is $5, the raise must be $10.

3) The dealer then turns over his cards. The dealer must have Q or higher in order to qualify. If the dealer does not, the player wins even money on his ante and the raise is a push.

4) If the dealer's hand qualifies, the hands are compared, and the higher hand is declared the winner based on standard poker rankings. If the dealer has the best hand, the player loses both bets. If the player does, he wins both and gets even money back.

5) A straight or better earns the player an ante bonus no matter what the dealer's hand.
In Playtech Limited casino, the game is very popular. There are many strategies, but here are a few to consider:

1) Many players will raise on queen or better to match the dealer's payoff hand. This is a solid strategy.

2) A better one is to consider the Q with a kicker (second card) of at least eight before raising. This gives the player more options for a better return.

The three-card poker pays off on straights (ex. 3-4-) flushes (three of the same suit). It is an easy to learn and easy to follow casino game. When playing online, you can try it for free before committing real money at most Play Tech limited casinos.

As with most casino poker games, the player really only has to make one decision to raise or fold once he or she has seen the cards. This gives the player some room to gamble, but also to escape from hands as well. In the long run, it is a game where the draw is completely random, so past performance has no impact on present result, so each hand should be played individually.
Poker Three on Play Tech Limited can also be played with various cash outlays and denominations and players can go a long way with a small amount if they play smart.
Try Poker Three on Play Tech limited powered casinos.