Online Poker: Play To Win

Introduction to Online Poker

If you grew up in a home where the men played poker for hours, you would have seen all the preparations your mom rushed through before the players arrived. There was the coffee to brew, sandwiches to prepare, drinks to chill, and ashtrays to clean out. That was not all. After a game, someone needed to air out the poker room to get rid of the lingering stale cigarette smoke. The other option was to play in poker in the backrooms of bars, again not always a very pleasant experience. In this context, what a difference online poker has made!

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What is Online Poker?

Online poker is basically poker played over the Internet, in online casinos or poker rooms. The Internet has ensured there are more than enough advantages for all sections of industry to have an alternate presence online. The same goes for the gambling industry; moving online has proved hugely beneficial both in terms of profits and reach. Now people have access to all gambling games, including poker, online.

With the advent of online poker, a whole new world has opened up for poker players, be they amateurs or professionals. Online poker has made it possible for you to play poker from your home without going through the trouble of getting the poker room ready or sloughing through the mess the morning after. You need not have any apprehension about online poker. The game is the same in brick and mortar casinos, except that it is played in online casinos or online poker rooms. The only difference is you are playing over the Internet, from a place of your designation, not anyone else's.

Online poker also provides different rooms for poker players with different needs. If you're uncomfortable playing with the pros you can find a room for new players. If you think you are ready to challenge the pros, you can move up the online poker hierarchy and play at a room for online poker professionals.

How to Play Online Poker

Online poker is similar to the regular game, in terms of how you should play it. You play against the three other players, not the dealer. In just three easy steps you can start playing online poker:
1. Download the software.
2. Open an account at the online poker room or online casino you are downloading the software from.
3. Put money into the online game.

You can play for free using virtual currency if you are new to poker and want to try out your skill level against other online poker players. The software allows you to check out other online poker rooms. If there is one that you would like to join, you can choose an empty table and hang around until the other online players have shows up. Each table usually has a maximum capacity to accommodate a maximum of 10 players and a minimum of two players.

Online poker offers a variety of poker games, the most popular of them being Texas Hold'em. By the time you look to discuss about the different kinds of online poker games available, you should be at least well versed in the different hands. The following are some of the other favorite online poker games:
7-Card Stud
5-Card Stud

Winning Online Poker Tips

Here are a few tips that can help you win while playing online poker. If you are playing Texas Hold'em maneuver yourself such that you get to play last, as you can make better decisions about your move after seeing the other players' game. The game progresses in clockwise direction. The first player is said to be in the first position and plays blind, i.e., he plays the first hand without seeing the contents of his cards.

Omaha uses several cards, which means the chances of the different combinations appearing increase, be they flushes or straights. Expect your opponents to have the same hand as yours or maybe even better. If you have low cards, it is a good idea to fold your hand. You also have to practice your bluffing skills when you are playing online poker, especially Omaha.

The best online poker tip that pros routinely give out is to watch your game and your opponents' moves while calculating the odds rapidly.