How to Play Omaha Poker

Basically, the Omaha Poker is a wonderful derivation of a very popular game called Texas Holdem. When you play Omaha Poker you are dealt four cards; these cards are known as 'hole cards'. After each player receives their hole cards, five cards are laid face down on the table; these are known as the community cards. The players would have to combine two of their hole cards with any three of the community cards to make a winning Omaha Poker hand.

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The Rules of the Game Is Having Fun

There are three rounds of betting in Omaha Poker.

The first one would have the player seated after the button (the disc which indicated who is the dealer of the present game) places the first bet which is half the running bet, i.e. in a game with bet of US $2/ US $4 the bet would be US $1. This bet is also known as the 'small bind'. The person next to this player would then post the 'big blind' which a full bet, i.e. in an Omaha US $2/ US $4 game, the big blind would be US $2. Each player receives their four hole cards and then betting starts. The first one to do so would be the one who is after the button, in a clockwise direction.

As soon as the betting is over the flop would be dealt, i.e. three community cards would be put on the table face up visible and available to all the players. The bets here would run in small increments, for example US $2 in an Omaha Poker game of US $2/ US $4. As soon as the betting is completed, the turn is dealt. The 'turn' is the fourth community card (face up) available to all the players. Once again the betting commence with the player next to the button being the first to do so. The betting on this round is in double raises so you will have US $4 in the game of US $2/ US $4.

The last community card, also known as the 'river' is dealt now face up and available to all the players. Again the betting starts in clockwise motion with the player after the button being the first to act. In case no one wants to bet in this round the players would be required to show their hands in the same order and the player with the best hand wins the pot.

The rule is that the players of the Omaha Poker always use only two of the hole cards in combination with three of the community cards. If there is a draw, the pot is divided accordingly. Once the game is concluded, the players would get ready for the next game. The button also moves clockwise through the players so everyone gets a chance to deal and place the first bet.

This is great fun to play and you must be warned that you would love it so much that you would love to play it all the time.