Difference Between Conventional Poker and Online Poker

Conventional poker has been the type of poker that has been around for a very long time. It is the type of poker you come across when you go into the casino and the same thing you can see when you watch television. Conventional poker is the type of poker that is so ingrained into pop culture these days that there are literally television shows on sports channels about it. Online poker helps facilitate a movement to conventional poker, but there are still a number of differences between online poker and conventional poker that people need to be aware of. In this article, let us have a look at the main differences between conventional poker and online poker.

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Speed: You will find that a great number of online poker tables will deal hands at a rate of one hand per minute or even more than one hand per minute. However, even the best dealers at the casino are lucky if they are able to deal a hand every two minutes. This is because of things like instantaneous shuffling online, instantaneous counting and placing of chips and the fact that everything is clear and precisely done by computers online whereas it is done by slower human brains offline. This means that if you are an action junkie and want more action, the online realm is the realm for you. If you want to really get some action you can even play more than one table at the same time! Party Poker allows you to play up to 16 different tables at once, which means that if you play all 16 at once you could end up looking at 32 times more hands in a single hour of playing online versus playing at a casino!

Tells: The online tells are different from the offline tells. This is not to say that the online tells are non-existent; it is only people that do not understand online poker that will tell you this. What you will not be able to find online are physical tells; tells that are akin to the Teddy KGB Oreo tell from the movie Rounders. However, you can use statistical analysis and the preciseness of the online poker forum to come up with betting patterns that you would never have spotted otherwise; betting patterns that are so interesting and so subtle that the player themselves could not possibly be faking it. These are tells that you can exploit time and time again and that you can refine time and time again as you continue to meet that player online.

Tilt: Ever hear the expression that in space nobody can hear you scream? Well, the same is absolutely true for online poker. If you are in a casino and suffer a horrendous beat, you are either going to have to leave the table and take a walk or you are going to have to grin and bear it. You are not going to be able to scream your lungs out at the table, as that will usually warrant a swift kick in the rear end as you are removed from the casino. However, online, you are the only one that can hear you (assuming nobody else is in your house at the moment) and therefore you can feel free to relieve your tilt immediately by screaming your lungs out as you please. Just don't smash your computer in the process!