Online Poker

The proliferation of Internet use brought together thousands of people in virtual space. This provided the perfect platform for online gambling and gaming software was soon developed. Online poker soon became the most popular online game, with several online casinos dedicated to poker.

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Online poker has all the advantages of online gaming. It can be played comfortably from home, without the need for formal dressing up. It is inexpensive, requiring only a computer and an Internet connection. It offers total anonymity, with your real identity being hidden by your online one.

But online poker also offers several other advantages that allow novice poker players to take up the game. Novice players find it difficult to hide their emotions. In online poker the proverbial poker face has become a non-issue because other players cannot see you. Therefore you can whoopee if you draw a full house or curse aloud if your highest card is a ten and no one will be the wiser. Also no one can catch your poker tells. So if you have the tendency to scratch your ears when you are bluffing go ahead and do so. Also you do not have to worry about deprecating looks from poker professionals if your bluff has been caught or you have wagered unwisely.

Cost wise online poker is a cheaper proposition than table poker. Since the poker casino is not involved in the play there is no house edge involved in the game. Therefore poker tables make their money through the rake, which is a percent of the pot. Online poker has lower establishment costs. There is no real infrastructure to maintain – no expensive dιcor, no plush poker tables and no liveried staff. Hence online poker casinos can make do with a lower rake. Also the number of players is much more and so is the turnover. Therefore again a smaller rake enables the fixed costs to be met. A lower rake is of immense benefit to poker players because it directly translates to larger winnings.

Online poker rooms have a wide range of clientele and they have learnt to cater to them all. Special attention is paid to novice players because in time they develop into regular clients and become the mainstay of the poker casino. There are separate low stake tables for novice players to ensure that they are not milked by the poker professionals. There are a wide variety of teaching aids available on poker casinos. These include explanation of poker rules and poker strategies, interactive tutorials and demonstration games, glossary of poker terms and tips from in-house professionals.

Finally poker rooms are fun places. There is lot of live chat and interaction through bulletin boards. Poker casinos offer plenty of bonuses that go to extend your bankroll. If you ever wanted to play poker but were afraid to go to a brick and mortar casino then the online poker room is the place for you.