Video Poker

Video poker is a game that is in between poker and slots. It is like slots because it is played against the house on a slots like machine. A combination of symbols is matched with the winning paylines and the payout is made accordingly. It is like poker because the symbols are in the form of cards and the paylines in the form of winning poker hand rankings. Video poker differs from slots and is like poker in another way. As in draw poker the player is given an opportunity to replace the cards he wants to. This makes video poker a game of skill as well, unlike slots, which is purely a game of chance.

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The player credits his account by inserting coins into the video poker machine. Computer based machines accept input from a paper ticket. The player then selects the denomination and the number of coins he wants to wager. The low stake machines have denominations between 5c and $1 and the high denomination machines between $1 and $5. The number of coins varies between 1 and 5. If the player selects $1 and 5 coins his wager stands at $5. This amount is debited to the player's account. The player then clicks the “deal button”. Five cards appear on the video poker machine's display. The player then has to apply his video poker strategy to decide which cards to hold. The objective is to get the highest ranking possible poker hand. In video poker the player can hold all five cards or replace all of them. He clicks the button below the cards he wants to hold. The player then presses the deal button and the remaining cards are replaced. The machine automatically matches the final combination with the paylines. If the player has won then his account is credited as per the poker payout table.

The player can continue playing as long he has a balance in his account. If he wants to play with the same settings of the denomination and number of coins he simply presses the redeal button on the video poker machine. The player can change the settings by following the procedure described in the beginning. The player can terminate the video poker game by clicking the cash out button. In the old machine his winnings will come out in the form of coins that can be changed for real money. In the computer based video poker machines a paper ticket is released which can be used to collect his winnings from the cash counter.