Knowing the Glossary of Poker Terms

Glossary of Poker Terms: The Need to Know

To be able to play online poker well, you also need to be conversant with the different terms used in the game. There are a large number of terms used in both traditional as well as online poker. While it is not necessary to know all of these terms to be able to play a game well, an avid and professional poker player usually knows all the relevant and important terms for used in the different kinds of online poker games, from Texas Hold'em to Omaha. Basically, being an expert as far as the glossary of poker terms is concerned is a reflection of the person's interest in the game.

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Online Poker Glossary Availability

Online glossaries are available for first-time players who want to get schooled in poker language. If you are such a player, you can learn along by watching the live telecasts of poker tournaments and listening to the terms used. A better way is, obviously to get a book devoted to poker terminologies. You can also opt for an online version of the book, which is where the online poker glossary comes into use. There are websites devoted to online poker terminologies that act as online poker glossaries.

Not all online poker glossaries provide a comprehensive listing of terms for all the games. This becomes apparent when you undertake a comparative study of two such websites claiming to be online poker glossaries. You will see that the two of them do not provide the same number of word meanings under an alphabet. To overcome a potentially embarrassing situation where you think you know all the terms but then realize that you actually don't, it is a good idea to get hold of a complete poker dictionary.

Poker Glossary Basics

Whether you have the glossary or not, you can start learning the basic terms as you start learning the game. First you can learn about the different hands that are involved in a poker game, online or offline. This is important because it is the crux of playing offline as well as online poker.

Here is a list of the basic hands that you will come across while playing online or offline poker. All these terms are generally available in an online poker glossary, and if they aren't available, you can refer to these definitions itself for a fair idea of the different hands involved:

1. Straight flush You hold a straight flush when you have a sequence of numbers from the same suit of cards. An example is 87654 of spades, where your top card is 8. Your straight flush is beatable by anyone with a straight flush of a higher sequence of numbers, e.g. 98765 of clubs. A straight flush of the same suit containing cards with pictures, e.g. AKQJT, is called a royal flush, arguably the highest among straight flushes. You can also use the Ace to create 5432A, which is considered the lowest hand among straight flushes.

2. Four-of-a-kind This is a hand where you have four similar ranking cards with a kicker. A hand that has a kicker in close sequence with the other four cards is considered higher than one where the kicker is not as close. For instance, a hand having the cards 55552 is ranked smaller than one having the cards 44443. However, between two hands that have their kickers in close sequence, the hand with a higher number value wins. For instance a 55554 is definitely a winner compared to a 44443.

3. Full house This is represented by a card trio of the same rank, with a pair. There are two ways to rank a full house by the triplets and by the pair. The hand with the higher sequence of the set by which it is ranked, triplet or pair, wins over the others. For instance, for hands ranked by the triplets, a 55533 trounces a 333AA. However, if the ranking is by the pair, a 555AA routs a 555KK.

4. Flush This hand contains cards of the same suit, but not in a continuous sequence. The top poker card is ranked here. For instance, a KQJ76 beats KQJ63.

5. Straight A straight hand has cards in a series; e.g. 98765, but not necessarily in the same suit. In a straight hand, like in a straight flush, you can use the ace either as a high or as a low card.

These are some of the basic hands that you will come across in an online poker glossary. Once you know about these hands, you have taken the first step towards learning how to play online poker.