Sit N Go Basics

Sit n Go, often referred to as SNG's, is the name given to a particular type of poker tournament. The basic explanation of Sit n Go poker games is that this involves a tournament that does not have a scheduled beginning time. Instead the Sit n Go tournament begins once enough participants have registered.

Explaining Sit N Go

In order to understand what Sit n Go tournaments are all about, this article provides a brief overview. The numbers of players that participate at a sit n go poker table is usually nine or ten. To enter into such a tournament, the player has to buy-in. The Sit n Go player first chooses which price of tournament to join. Various Sit n Gos can be found at different prices ranging from as little as one dollar to hundreds of dollars. This buy-in entrance charge goes directly to the prize pool. The player also needs to pay an entrance charge that is rather like a handling fee. This usually costs 10% of the buy-in price. As an example, a $100 Sit n Go will involve a $100 buy-in that goes to the prize pool, and a $10 fee to the tournament management. This would entail $110 payment for the player in this case.

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It is perhaps interesting to note that newcomers usually play at the Sit n Go games with a lower cost, while experienced players seem to prefer to buy-in at higher prices with the incentive of larger prizes.

An attractive feature of Sit n Go tournaments is that the single table games are relatively quick and can usually be entered online without having to wait. They are usually running online at all hours.

For single table Sit n Go events, players finishing in the first three places usually receive winnings. In most cases the prize money is divided as 50% for first place, 30% for second and 20% for the player in third position.

Some consider that a major advantage of the Sit n Go events is that the easy access presents a chance of tournament action for poker players who otherwise would not enter such contests. In addition, there are many players who find such Sit n Go games less intimidating than a regular scheduled poker tournament.

Multi-Table Sit N Go

The multi-table Sit n Go tournaments can be described as similar to a regular Sit n Go, but involves playing at more than one table at a time. This may sound complicated but there are gamers who prefer to play this way so that they are involved in poker action the whole time. In addition, there are ways of showing each Sit n Go table on the screen simultaneously or alternatively, an alert can be placed when the player's turn comes around.

Learning all about Sit n Go tournaments is not a difficult task. Having proved to be an exciting and fun way to play poker, the Sit n Go games are becoming increasingly popular.