Poker Rules: Types of Betting

In poker, there are several types of betting structures or betting types.

No Limit Betting

It is there in the name no limit on betting. The player can bet to any limit he wants, including everything he/she got in front called All-in.

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Cap Game

This is quite similar to no limit betting, but there is an upper limit up to which only a player can wager on a hand. Once reached the maximum limit, the game is considered as though they were an all-in.

Structured Limit Betting

Structured limit betting refers to the case in which the betting limit at the poker table has been already set. It'll be like $5/$10 or $20/$40 or similar. For example, in Holdem poker, this would mean if the first bet is for $5 assuming you are playing a $5/$10 game the betting doubles when it comes to the turn card or river card. In certain games, you may come across a betting structure like $5/$10/$20. It is also structured limit betting, but here the betting again doubles on the river card.

Pot Limit Betting

In pot limit betting, the players can place a bet that is between what is already in the pot and the big blind. So, if you are playing the $20/$40 game, and there is $100 in the pot, you can bet between $40 and $100, and nothing more than that.

Half Pot Limit

A poker player can bet an amount that is half the pot value.

Spread Limit Betting

In this type of betting, a player can bet between a 'ranges of amount' that'll be specified before the start of the game. For example, in a $1/$5 poker game, a player can bet between one and five dollars in any betting round. In certain games, there can be four numbers - $1/$5/$10/$20 in which case it goes back to working by rounds. That is, in the pre-flop and flop rounds, the players can bet between $1 and $5. In the turn-card, they can bet between $1 and $10 and on the river, they can place bets in the range $1 and $20.

Fixed Limit

In fixed limit betting, the players can bet only a fixed amount in all rounds. Nothing more, nothing less! Limits, however, will double on subsequent rounds.

Kill Games

'Kill', as it is called, is a two step process. The player has to win a pot (no splits or side pots), and the total value of the pot before the rake is taken must be at least five times than the big blind. That is, in a $5/$10 game, the big blind is $5 and hence the pot has to be $25 at least. And when the player wins the pot, he'll get a 'partial kill' button in front of his seat. The 'partial kill' button is indicative of the fact that if the player wins the next hand, there is a chance of for a 'kill' game, which in turn hints that the stakes now will skyrocket. But, in order for that to happen, as in the case with 'partial kill', the player has to win the pot fully, with its total value summing up to at least five times of the big blind.

In effect, the blinds will double with bets in every subsequent round, and the game continues until the play with the 'kill' loses a pot.