Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy

Well, this is a game that you play with the computer and not against other players. This is a fast paced fun game with very good odds to win once you get familiar with some key strategies against the house. With this game the best thing is that you have the opportunity of winning big money, the main reason for which this video game is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.

The Winning Strategy Tips and Advice

Before you go for the winning strategy tips and advice you need to be familiar with the ranking of the hands in this game. In order of their strength, the rankings are as follows the highest possible hand with the Deuces Wild Video Poker is the five of a kind where the fifth card is a wild card; the next most powerful hand is the royal flush where the cards consist of the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten; then comes the straight flush, the four of a kind, the full house, the flush, the straight, the three of a kind, the two pair and lastly the pair.

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When you play the Deuces Wild Video Poker, the following strategy would help you improve you winning chances when you have a good hand and cut your losses when you do not:

  1. You are dealt four deuces hold all the five cards as there is no chance you can do anything to improve such a hand.
  1. You are dealt three deuces hold onto the deuces or build for five of a kind or a wild royal flush.
  1. You find you have two deuces keep any hand that has four of a kind to build a royal flush; or keep the two deuces just as they are
  1. You find only one deuce keep four cards for a straight flush.
  1. If you have no deuces go for all paying cards.

Tips for Better Chances to Win with the Deuces Wild Video Poker

  1. The coin odds you are more likely to win a large payout when you play for five coins at once rather than one coin for five times. Check out what are the maximum coins per game and always go for the maximum.
  1. The 9/5 paying schedules you will always stand better chances to win when you play at machines that give full pay on 9/5 schedules this means that there would be nine coins for a straight flush, followed by five coins for four of a kind for every coin payout schedule.
  1. Fold at the right time as in all wild card games, with the Deuces Wild Video Poker too, you need to re-draw new cards if you find you do not hold and good ranking cards. Do no got ahead hoping for better luck as the highest probably goes against it.

Initially, you would need to have patience and roll in with the winnings and losses until you learn the ropes and can take good decisions that would improve your winning chances. Once you gain some experience you would find that the Deuces Wild Video Poker is a wonderfully fun game which can bring you loads of winnings.