Poker Hand Rankings

If you plan to be a good poker player you will need to first understand what poker hand rankings are. It is very important that you master this aspect because you can never be a great poker player without it. The following few lines will explain to you briefly what are the poker hand rankings all about? You do not need to learn them by heart; however, you would definitely need to understand how to play so you can win in this game. As you will learn more and more about this, you would be able to appreciate why poker game is so popular all over the world.

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1. The Five of a kind this is considered as the highest ranking hand and it is possible only when you have wild cards to use. This involves having all the four cards of one rank plus one wild card which would make it five. So, same card (SC) hearts + SC clubs + SC spades + SC diamonds + wild card make the highest ranking cards in poker you get this, you win the game!

2. The Royal Flush the next greatest ranking hand in poker is when you get five card in decreasing order Ace downward of the same suit i.e. Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. This is also called the Big Kahuna and is one of the best hands you will get while playing poker.

3. The Straight Flush the next best poker ranking card is the straight Flush. This is similar to the Royal Flush in the sense that it has five consecutive cards of the same suit that are outside the Royal Flush. It could be anything such as 3,4,5,6,7 or Ace, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 7,8,9,10, Jack, etc.

4. The Four of a kind the next highest ranking cards is the four of a kind, i.e. a whole set for example King of spades, King of diamonds, King of hearts and King of clubs. The chance of getting this hand dealt to you is one in 4164 you can understand how lucky you will be when you are dealt this hand.

5. The Full House the Full House is a great winning hand for a poker player. This involves a set of five cards where three are of a kind and two are fives. For example, it could be Jack (D) + Jack (S) + Jack (H) + Jack (C) + 5 + 5 this is a phenomenal card ranking which has won the game for many.

6. The Flush next comes the flush; you learnt about the Royal Flush and the Straight Flush. The Plain Flush is when you get five cards of the same suit even when they are not in any given sequence.

7. The Straight this poker hand ranking is when you get five cards in consecutive number. This does not need to be of the same suit.

8. Three of a kind if you get three cards of on kind for example three Jacks or three Tens you have a good hand.

9. Two Separate Pairs you could have two different pairs of cards for example two Jacks and two queens or two 5s and two 10s and this is a god hand as well.

10. The San Francisco pair when you get one pair of cards of the same kind, you are said to have the San Francisco pair.