Poker Slow Play Strategy

The Slow Play is a Poker strategy that many players love as it makes the game challenging and a lot of fun not to mention very profitable if you win. The Poker Slow Play strategy involves careful observation of the other players in the game and the position from where you are playing. This is not always a good strategy for a beginner as it takes not only a lot of experience to judge the motive behind the way the players play their hand, but also a good deal of risk.

The Slow Play is an excellent strategy that can make you win if played correctly. However, it is something you learn with a lot of experience. This is why it is important that you play many small tournaments so you can gather the necessary expertise to read your opponents as accurately as possible.

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You would also need to learn when to call a bluff and how to interpret a bluff from others. The slowplay would give you the ability to judge your chances to win and find out ways to bluff your way out when your cards are not the best.

Bluff and Win

Some slow play scenarios that you may encounter during your poker games are described below:

Slow play when you have a bluffer behind you

as mentioned above your position is very important. When you know that the player behind you would bluff his/her way to the pot, you need to concentrate on controlling the betting and prevent the bluffer from receiving a free card. So you could call the bet on the Flop is you are sure that the bluffer would raise on the Turn; however if you are not very sure about his/ her reaction, then you need to ensure that he/she does not get he chance to check.

Slow play when the bluffer in front of you

here the bluff is reverse, i.e. you need to look weak to keep the bluffer raise so you would have the highest profit out of it. Let the bluffer think that you have a bad hand and you keep going until someone calls the bluff.

Slow play with a tight player behind you

this depends very much on what the flop is. If the flop is favorable, a raise would shut the tight player down while a call would confirm to them that their hand is good. However, if the flop is unfavorable, slowplaying would not be of such use as the tight player behind you would not like to take a shot at the pot. A bet from that player would mean he/she has a straight and you are beat. The best you could do is bet small and hope that this would make the player call.

Slowplay with a tight player in front of you

this is a scenario when you need to play with caution. If you feel that the pot is worth the trouble, then make a small bet and attempt to take it. You could also show that you are weak and use that bluff to force the player bet into you.