Avoiding Tilt

If you are around gambling enough, you are not immune to it. Nothing can prevent it. No mater who much you try to avoid it, you can't.

Poker players call it tilt. But it is not limited to poker. Sometimes, a run of bad luck can put you in an impossible mental mindset. And going on tilt in a casino can cause a lot of problems to your bankroll.

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Sure, there are times when you get reckless and suddenly get lucky and win a bunch of money. But your mindset is critical to your longterm success. If you go on tilt during a bad run and start throwing money away, you will lose longterm. It's that simple. That holds true if you are in a real casino or playing in microgaming online casinos.

It is especially important to be aware of the potential to go on tilt when playing online. The access to the variety of games makes it easy for a player to jut jump in and start playing recklessly in attempt to make up for the losing streak.

Tilt is easy to recognize. The first symptom is disbelief, followed by anger. Then a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, where you feel like you will lose and there is nothing you can do.
Then comes a “to hell with it” attitude, and this is where you can start losing all of your money in a hurry.

As dangerous as microgaming online casinos can be to a person who is on tilt, they are also conducive to getting off tilt.

It is easy to get off tilt if you know what to do. Get away from the computer for a few minutes. Take a walk. Drink a soda and relax. Then go back and try another game with a fresh mindset. If you are getting mauled at blackjack, try roulette. If video poker is fleecing you, move to a slot machine.
Tilt is unavoidable no matter what game you play and no matter how stable you are. It's simply part of the gambling mindset. Difficult losses will get to everyone at some point.

If you start feeling these symptoms, then it is time to step back for a minute. Your mind is not your friend when you are on tilt.

In a microgaming online casino, however, you can get off tilt quickly if you don't let it destroy you.
Tilt started with poker players who take bad beats. But any casino gambler can wind up confronting it. It is completely natural.

In most cases, tilt can be avoided. Understanding that positive and negative swings are part of the game and simply accepting them will help avoid it. Of course, if you win all the time, it's unlikely you will ever experience anything like that.

Realistically however, it will help you keep your wits about you when it does and realize that the cards, chips, slots or dealers are not out to get you and are indiscriminate. Then you can avoid the dreaded tilt, no matter what your game.