Different Exotic Poker Variations

There are a number of poker variations around today, with more and more variations becoming available for people to play every single day. When all you are hindered by is the rule of five card poker hands, it is very easy to come up with new ways in which to play the game. A number of different exotic poker variations exist outside of the typical ones that are played today and some of those poker variations are discussed below.

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5 Card Draw: This is the game that started poker off all those decades ago. It is the game that was played in the Wild West and it is the game that all of the famous poker movies of old were made about. A few decades ago, 5 card draw was to the poker world what Hold 'Em is today; far and away the most popular game around. In this game, each person is dealt five cards in their hand and they get a chance to draw cards with betting rounds before and after the draw. The best five card hand wins the hand and takes the pot.

Chicago: Chicago is a very interesting game. It is a game of seven card stud where the person that has the highest spade in the hole wins half the pot. This means that if you get a hand that would normally be total cheese in seven card stud but it happens to have a high spade in it, you should definitely do what you can to either hang around or alternatively to push the action as much as you can. A hand for example like (K)-A-4 with the ace of spades would be a hand that you could consider hanging around with.

Super Hold 'Em: If you enjoy the game of Texas Hold 'Em because of the fact that there are five community cards, but at the same time you want a game that promises a lot more action, then Super Hold 'Em is definitely the game that you want to play. This is a game where each person is dealt five hole cards instead of two hole cards and unlike in Omaha, there are absolutely no restrictions as to which cards you use from the board and which cards you use from your hand. It is an ultra action game for the person that likes to be on the edge of their seat all the time.

Anaconda: Speaking of absolutely crazy action games, say hello to anaconda! This is a game where each person is dealt a bunch of cards and then they proceed to pass some of those cards to the left and some to the right while keeping some of them as well. After this passing happens, the people decide whether or not they want to stay in and they turn over their hands one card at a time, with a betting round taking place in between each card being turned over. Full houses, four of a kinds and straight flushes are a lot more common in this game than they are in any other game and that is why so much action is created.