Texas Hold'em Poker Rules

The game of Texas Hold'em Poker is considered to be one of the most attractive versions of poker available today. This is viewed as one of the easiest types of poker for players to learn the rules and provides an exciting and amusing game.

Texas Hold'em Poker Objective

The way to win a game of Texas Hold'em Poker is by creating the best five card poker hand. The Texas Hold'em Poker player with the strongest hand then wins what is known as 'the pot', which contains the game's prize money.

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Basic Instructions for Texas Hold'em Poker

This game uses a regular deck of cards. The aim for Texas Hold'em Poker players is to create the best possible five card poker hand out of two private cards and a total of five community cards. The player first receives two hole cards and then places bets. This is followed by the dealing of three community cards, which is referred to in Texas Hold'em Poker terms as 'the flop'. After another round of bets, an additional shared card is shown. More betting is followed by the fifth and final community card. For a successful Texas Hold'em Poker game, at this stage the player needs to create or finalize a five card hand out of a choice of the seven available cards that is the two private cards and five community cards. At any point during the separate rounds, a player is free to withdraw from the game if desired.

Winning at Texas Hold'em Poker

Players attempting to win at Texas Hold'em Poker aim for the strongest possible poker hand. It is therefore important to know the ranking order of the different hands. This list of winning poker hands begins with the highest combination: Royal Flush; Straight Flush; Four of a Kind; Full House; Flush; Straight; Three of a Kind; Two Pairs; One Pair and a High Card.

Learn at Free Texas Hold'em Poker Games

Free Texas Hold'em Poker games provide players with an excellent way in which to learn and practice the game. This option is not just for newcomers to Texas Hold'em, as any player may use this feature in order to practice skills or try out strategies without betting real money on the games.

Explaining Limits at Texas Hold'em Poker

The game of Texas Hold'em Poker is available is two different forms. Gamers may play No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker or the game of Limit Texas Hold'em. The names of the different games are perhaps self explanatory but to make it clear, it should be noted that in Limit Texas Hold'em Poker there is a set maximum value for bets. It is probably advisable for novices to the Texas Hold'em Poker game to play this game with low limits at the beginning. Once a newcomer becomes accustomed to the workings of the game, a higher limit game of Texas Hold'em may be appropriate. As its name suggests, the version of no limit Texas Hold'em Poker allows players to bet without boundaries regarding amount.