Texas Hold 'Em Poker Strategies

Texas Hold 'Em poker strategies work at various levels. The first decision that a poker player has to make after he sees his two dealt cards is whether to enter the betting and if so how aggressively. So the first thing in Texas Hold 'Em strategy is to be able to identify which are the strong hole cards. High card pairs are the strongest hole cards in Texas Hold 'Em poker, along with ace and king of the same suit. No matter what you get in the community cards you are still in a strong position. These hole cards are known as “pocket rockets” in Texas Hold 'Em poker parlance.

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Other hole cards that are considered strong are ace and a picture card, picture cards in sequence, picture cards of the same suit and medium value pairs. These hole cards have the potential of delivering a high ranked Texas Hold 'Em poker hand. With these hole cards a player must bet aggressively. Moderate hole cards in Texas Hold 'Em poker are pairs, sequence cards and cards of a suit that are not picture cards. Since the hole cards constitute less than half the poker hand players should enter with moderate hands if only to see the flop. However they must not bet heavily on moderate hands. All hole cards not covered by the above descriptions are weak hole cards and there is no question of entering the poker betting with such cards.

In Texas Hold 'Em poker the second important decision is to be made after seeing the flop. At that time five of the seven cards are visible and the player can assess his poker hand and formulate his final poker strategy. After the flop there are four types of hands that a poker player can have. The first type, known as lock hands in poker terms, is already a potential winning hand without the aid of the remaining two cards. With these hands the Texas Hold 'Em strategy is to draw as many players into the pot so as to make it as big as possible. Therefore overt aggression that would induce players to fold should be avoided.

Strong poker hands are those that can become winning hands with a wide range of turn and river cards. With such hands the Texas Hold 'Em strategy is to bet aggressively and coerce players with good hands into folding. Marginal hands are those that can become winning hands with very few combinations of turn and river cards. The Texas Hold 'Em strategy with these poker hands is to enter only if the betting is low or if there are few players left in the fray. Finally are the weak hands, which should be discarded without giving a single thought.