Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Tournament Tips

When you play the Omaha Hi/Lo tournament you would find that best thing to do is to always bet the size of the pot. Only on very rare occasions, such as if the pot is too big or when you are planning to bet into another player or if you want to call on the river anticipating the move of another player that you might want to make a bet which is smaller than the size of the pot.

Some Critical Tips That Would Help You Win

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The Omaha Hi/Lo game is a game of skill and observation. The players here are in the game because they love the challenge that this game offers. The following tips would help you steering the game in your favor:

  1. The starting hand be extra cautious about your starting hand and everything in Omaha Hi/Lo depends on it. You need to study the situation and start accordingly. Many times the game is lost because of a miscalculation at this level. In tournaments you will find a good number of inexperienced players on the board. Take advantage of the situation and you might win the pot with the least of effort and in the process teach the inexperienced players a one trick or two.
  1. The importance of choosing your opponents take your time and judge your opponents. Play only at those games where you can get an advantage over your opponents. This is a game of intimidation and aggression make sure you can get the reaction you want.
  1. The importance of correct assessment it is of paramount important to find out what type of players you are against as soon as you can. Identify what are the weaknesses of each player and use that information ruthlessly to eliminate them check out who is the bluffer, who fold at bet raises, who can be intimidated by aggressive moves, who always bets when they get weak hands, and so on. This information, more than the cards that you get would give you your winning hand.
  1. Be aware of the danger of quartering the pot do not call until you are using it as a tactic to trap an opponent or have a winning hand. This is a game of tactic so make every move count. If you are caught in a situation where it seems that you are stuck in a potential quartering the pot situation, it is better that you fold.
  1. The nut flush is not the same in Omaha Hi/Lo as it is in Texas Holdem. In the latter you win the pot when you have a nut flush and an Ace or through board pairs; this is not possible in Omaha . Be aware of this difference.
  1. The scooping of the pot when you play an Omaha Hi/Lo tournament every hand is a potential occasion for scooping the pot. If you have low suited cards make the most of it, because these have the potential to make not low hands, straights and flushes and get you the pot. Only one third of the of the high-only hands would have a chance to win a pot.