Video Poker Basics

This article presents an overview of video poker. A simple explanation of video poker places this game as a combination of a slot machine and the five draw poker game. Video poker enables a player to use poker skills in a game that also presents the elements of chance and fun of a slot machine.

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For those who would like to know from where the game of video poker originated, many believe that the roots of this entertaining pursuit lie in coin operated machines that became popular towards the end of the nineteenth century. These early poker machines were operated like a one arm bandit machine and showed playing cards on five different reels. The 1970s brought around the computer chip, the personal computer and also the appearance of the video poker machine. This machine became very popular and soon provided serious competition for the slot machine.

Today's game of video poker may be played either at land based casinos or at a choice of online gaming locations. Due to the easy accessibility of the best online casinos via the Internet, many people enjoy the convenience of playing video poker online. Rules for video poker are easy to learn and it does not take long to adjust to playing the game online. In the modern form of the game, once credits are applied, five cards appear on the reels on the screen. With the aim of creating a successful poker hand, the player may then choose which cards to hold or discard. All it takes is the simple press of a button, cards are dealt and the game of video poker is at your fingertips. Modern technology has produced software that ensures the dealing of a random hand and may thereby offer the player a fair and honest game.

Before entering into video poker action, it is advisable to read up about the game first. This is the case with most online casino games and video poker is no different. If you are aware of the rules and conditions of video poker before you play, it can only enhance and improve your understanding and enjoyment of this form of entertainment. The Internet contains many sources for information regarding the rules of various types of video poker and it is certainly worthwhile checking out the different versions of video poker games that are available.

In addition, free video poker games may be accessed at several online casino sites. This provides an excellent tool for learning the game and gaining an insight into video poker. For beginners this can be recommended as a way to obtain an understanding of online video poker for no charge, before placing money on the table.

Current video poker entertainment includes the possibility of playing progressive games. This means that contributions to a jackpot prize can be made from any of the participating casinos. Therefore, a player at such a game of video poker can have the chance to win a large progressive payout.

Whichever way you choose to play video poker, you may be assured that this is an exciting and entertaining form of amusement.