Women in the Poker Field

This may be considered overdue, but it should be noted that the game of poker appears to be transforming into an increasingly attractive pursuit among women. For many years, the game of poker has been a popular form of entertainment for men, whether in home games, bars, saloons or casinos. Nowadays, women appear to be waking up and realizing that they can also play. In short, although the poker world may be dominated by mainly male players, there is plenty room for women to make their mark.

Women and Online Poker

Modern technology has brought about the age of the Internet with all its information and treasures. In the mid 1990s, online casinos made a grand entrance onto the World Wide Web. From the beginning, poker was one of the main online casino attractions and today this game remains one of the top online casino games. The poker game is available in several different versions including tournaments. It appears that the implementation of online casinos may have made the game of poker more accessible and therefore more attractive to women players.

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Playing poker online, women are able to avoid possible humiliation from men at the poker table. New female poker players may find it more comfortable to learn all about the game, including picking up tips and new skills at the online casino rather than at a land based gambling location. The free poker games available online perhaps make it easier and more convenient for the female player to access the online casino at a suitable time and location.

Top Women in Poker

Many people may be surprised to note that there are professional female poker players that have already made great achievements in the field and have made large tournament winnings at various poker events. Some of the top names of successful poker playing women include Jennifer Harman, Annie Duke, Kathy Liebert, Cyndy Violette and Barbara Enright. Anyone that has already heard these names or perhaps seen any of these impressive women players in action will surely understand that the time has come for such talent to be recognized. It should be pointed out that all of the above have individually managed to accumulate over one million dollars at various poker table events. In addition, it should be noted that there are top female players that are referred to as top world poker players and not just women who play poker.

Success for Women at Poker

There is of course no valid reason why women should not be successful in the poker circuit. There are even those who suggest that being female in a male poker world can act as an advantage, as the male players may be stunned by top poker action from a woman, as they previously held low expectations. Maybe such preconceptions will change. Offline or online, it is quite clear that women poker players are making a place for themselves in the poker arena.