Why Should You Take Up Blackjack?

Blackjack is without doubt one of the most popular of all the casino table games. When played by a skillful and experienced player, it has a house advantage of less than 1%. This means that Blackjack has a lower house edge than any other table game.

While many casinos normally place the house edge at 2% for purposes of assigning comps, some casinos actually have a house advantage of 10% or even more. This is primarily because many Blackjack players do not really know how to play the game properly or–more accurately–to their advantage. A less than effective Blackjack player can actually give the house a greater advantage by the improper playing of hunches.

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When you play a Blackjack game, the decisions that you make actually have a direct effect on the house advantage. This makes Blackjack different from other casino table games such as craps and roulette. In roulette for example, the house advantage can be as much as 5.26%. In addition, each spin is an independent event and there are 38 numbers on the wheel. Craps itself only has 36 possible dice combinations of the dice, which never changes, making each roll of the dice an independent event also.

A Blackjack game on the other hand is based on a series of events that are dependent on one another. Each card that is dealt affects the cards that remain in the deck. Blackjack players can use this to their advantage by realizing that any higher value cards that remain in the deck favors them, and that lower value cards favor the dealer. Throughout the course of a typical Blackjack game, the advantage then shifts back and forth between the player and the dealer. This is the basic premise that forms the basis of Blackjack card counting. An experienced card counter will then know when it is the proper time to bet more or less depending on the particular state of the deck.

Blackjack is a game that has a set of rules that all dealers must follow. Because of this, it is possible for a Blackjack player to formulate a mathematical strategy that can ensure more chances for success. This strategy has come to be known as "basic strategy". This technique was refined by a man who worked for the IBM company named Julian Braum.
With the use of basic strategy, a player can determine how to best play the cards in his hand, basing his decision on the dealer’s exposed cards. In order to get the best possible chance of winning the hand, a Blackjack player can decide to stand, to hit, to double or to split his or her cards.

The bottom line is that Blackjack is a tremendously fun game that has a significantly lower house advantage than almost any other casino card game. Furthermore, it is not all that hard for even first time players to learn how to play it effectively. All of these factors make Blackjack a good candidate for a first casino card game.