Multi-Hand Blackjack Rules

Multi-Hand Blackjack is an exciting form of blackjack that is available online. It is well worth getting to know how to play Multi-Hand Blackjack as this is a fun way to play the game.

Basic Instructions for Multi-Hand Blackjack

The form of Multi-Hand Blackjack has derived from the original game of blackjack. Anyone who knows how to play the game of blackjack will not have to change much in order to understand the game of Multi-Hand Blackjack. A simple explanation of Multi-Hand Blackjack is that the different hands of blackjack may be played simultaneously. In other terms, Multi-Hand Blackjack is just like single hand blackjack, except that bets may be placed on up to five separate hands that may then be played independently, one after the other. The main objective of Multi-Hand Blackjack is to create hands with a value of as close as possible to 21. It is important not to exceed the value of twenty one, as this is called 'bust' and means losing. It is important to note that each individual hand must be completed in this game before progressing to the next hand.

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Rules for Multi-Hand Blackjack

Five sets of regular decks of cards are required for playing the game of Multi-Hand Blackjack. Once bets have been placed, two cards are dealt to the player face up and two cards are then dealt to the dealer, one face up and one face down. The game of Multi-Hand Blackjack begins. The player now needs to decide whether to request additional cards or whether to stand and chooses from the options on the screen 'hit', 'stand', 'double' or 'split'. The value of all cards is the number shown on the card except for face cards that are all worth ten. In Multi-Hand Blackjack Aces may be valued at either one or eleven, whichever is best for the hand. True to the name of the game, the best possible hand at Multi-Hand Blackjack is a blackjack. This cannot be beaten although should the dealer also have a blackjack then this would produce a tie. It should be noted in the case of a soft seventeen, the dealer needs to stand. As an explanation of the term 'soft' seventeen, this relates to a value which may be altered, for example an ace and a six.

Winning Ways at Multi-Hand Blackjack

In Multi-Hand Blackjack, the way to win is by obtaining a hand closer to the value of 21 than the dealer's hand without going bust. In the event that the dealer's hand is closer to 21, then the player loses the bet. If both hands produce a tie then this becomes a push and the bet placed on the deal is returned to the player. It should be noted that if the player's hand goes bust, then the player loses the bet, irrelevant of whether or not the dealer's hand is also bust.

Multi-Hand Blackjack is an excellent way to enjoy the game of blackjack and it is certainly worth learning all about the game.