Blackjack Tips


Blackjack is one of the most popular games on the planet and is definitely in the top two or three most popular gambling games on the entire world. It has a classy and cool image to it that tends to attract many younger players to the casinos of Las Vegas every single year. Blackjack is also very big online and in fact the game’s availability online is what brings a lot of players to the online casinos each year. If you are interested in playing blackjack online, here are some blackjack tips to get you started.

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No Card Counting

Card counting, as you may already know if you are a seasoned blackjack player, is the player keeping track of the cards that have been dealt in order to recalibrate the odds of them receiving certain cards as the game goes on. At a table, typically you will see six decks of cards being used in a single game of blackjack, with the cards being dealt a significant amount of the way through the stack before ultimately being reshuffled and dealt again. It is this penetration of the deck that allows card counting to work.

Online, however, the story is completely different. While most blackjack tables will still use four to six decks in the online versions of the game, at the same time the electronic software will instantaneously shuffle the deck after every single hand, so no cards are ever missing from those six decks at the start of each hand. This, of course, makes card counting impossible and therefore you should not even try to attempt it. The combination of not knowing about card counting restrictions and pressing bets in relation to card counting has sunk many good offline card counters that wandered into the online game.

Playing the Optimal Strategy

One of the things that you are going to have to get used to in terms of the online blackjack game is the idea of slight variance. While there is variance in the blackjack games offered in Vegas or any other place in the world, at the same time the variances online are going to show up more in the statistics because of the higher number of hands that are played. This means that you need to utilize different optimal strategies for the different variations of blackjack. Where one hand might involve a grudging stay in one strategy for a specific blackjack variant, the same hand might warrant a grudging surrender in another. Understanding the difference and using correct strategies for different blackjack games is essential to being a good blackjack player.

Regular Rest

In the last paragraph, there was the mention of higher speeds. While most people intuitively know that the blackjack games are going to be played at higher speeds online, at the same time those same people are floored by just how faster some of the games can be. Hands can be dealt at the rate of four or five a minute in the online solo blackjack tables and that can result in ten times the number of hands being dealt online as offline in some cases. With that kind of action, taking regular rest on an hourly basis to clear the mind is a very good idea.