Online Blackjack vs Land Based Blackjack

The debate between land based casino veterans and the newer wave of online casino followers is a heated one in all areas of the gaming world; never more so than amongst blackjack enthusiasts.

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The land based veterans would conjure a long list against the online casino and specifically online casino blackjack. They may say that the joy of the game is in the texture, the smell, the interaction; in other words that the reason for playing blackjack in a casino is the act of going to the casino itself, the experience of being there. They might say that a computerized dealer, producing card sequences from a random number generator, sat along players whose voices you will never hear and faces you will never see at best and artificial characters at worst is not only so far from the genuine experience that it resembles a different activity all together, but that such boundaries allow for unfair play and untrustworthy outcomes; after all, if you canít even see the dealer, how can you trust what heís doing!

However, online casino blackjack is often considered the best online casino game in general, and what would its fans argue in response? To the accusation of loosing the casino experience they would probably concede that the experience is different, but not for worse. After all, although the cards canít be felt, one can play at any time, in oneís pajamas if one wishes, in the comfort of oneís own home, with the security of the screen between you and the strangers around you. As for suspicion over the fair play of a site, the online casino enthusiast would point out that all online casino blackjack hosts must be licensed by recognized authorities, and that in fact the random number generator is safer than the human dealer as it is neither susceptible to human mistake or any form of interference. Furthermore, compared to internet play, the land based casino moves at a snails pace, the dealer simply canít physically deal and shuffle the cards, collect the chips, or pay out as quickly as software program can. This difference in speed allows for over double the amount of blackjack to played in an online casino than a land based casino in the same amount of time. Furthermore, the statistics of online blackjack play put it as the most profitable game of all to be played online; and with no one watching, consulting your basic strategy table or even using a basic strategy program will enable you to take full advantage of these statistics.

In short then, the war of online blackjack vs. land based blackjack may be one of traditionalism rather than quality of game. Those who stand against online casino blackjack may appreciate the simple, genuine, time-honored things in life; the sounds, the smells, the hands on experience, but they just might find that if they give it a chance theyíll see that the online casino offers a different but not inferior experience.