Blackjack Variations of Rules

Blackjack Rules

All though Blackjack is basically played the same way all over the world there are some variations of the rules. There are several things that can influence how the Blackjack game will be played in a specific casino and a Blackjack player is wise to take a close look at the rules before jumping into the game. It can even be recommended to double check with the Blackjack casino that all rules are being posted for the players to read up on.

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The Basics

Blackjack is also called 21 which truly reveal the object of the game. It is hard to find an online Blackjack casino that calls it 21 but the goal of getting the sum of 21 by three cards is the same all over. The player is initially dealt two cards and the dealer likewise. The difference is that one of the dealerís cards is open and one closed. Many players may be sitting around a Blackjack table but they are all competing against the dealer and not against each other. A player must be wise when he decides to hit (take another card), stand (not take another card), double down (double the original bet and take another card), split (double the wager and let each card on the hand be the first one of a new hand) or surrender (give up half the bet and quit). Understanding these different actions takes a lot of games but they are just the basics and variations can affect how they will be played out.

Variations of Rules

Something that will influence the game a great deal is the number of card decks being used. Even if a player doesnít know the first thing about card counting he will have a much easier time with fewer decks involved. This is very basic Blackjack strategy that all types of players can benefit from. Since this is the case many Blackjack casinos will make the other rules a bit easier if there are several decks involved. If the game comes with the rule of Late Surrender it means that a player can quit before doing anything else and by this loose half of his original bet. Another important variation of rule is the option of re-split which means that the player can split several times. Something that should be watched out for is the rule where the dealer wins a tie. This is really not desirable and if the Blackjack casino comes with this rule the player should look for a better casino to play in.

Influence of Location

It does matter where a player chooses to play Blackjack. Rules can differ between different countries and this is why the big tournaments must be very clear and precise with what rules they practice. When a player joins an online Blackjack casino he might do so from any country on earth and what seems obvious to him need not be so by the operators of the casino. It is crucial to always check the rules no matter if the Blackjack is played online or in a land-based casino. This could definitely be called wise Blackjack strategy.