Blackjack Basics - Playing the Game

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games since the Casinos were set up. This is one game that can be used to make a living if you learn to apply the winning strategies to your game. The plus point here is that you get the edge in your favor when you play longer unlike with other casino games where the casino (whether online casino or offline casino) has it if you prolong your game.

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1) Playing Blackjack Works On a Concrete Strategy

The basic strategy of blackjack has it that there is only one way to play blackjack for any hands that are dealt. This basic strategy, which is mathematically computed, is what accounts all the winning strategies of a blackjack player. The casino player has to commit this strategy to memory and apply it to all the games he or she plays.

2) Card Counting Is the Most Basic Requirement for Winning at Blackjack

The majority of casino players are satisfied by learning and applying the basic strategy of blackjack and this is enough to give them opportunities to win. However, if you want to become a professional blackjack player and even earn a living out of this casino game, you need to go a few steps further and learn how to count the cards. Once you mastered this, the casino odds would be on your side instead of the house.

Card counting has both simple and complex methods and you need to master both before you can be fully confident at playing this game. However, you can use simple methods quite effectively initially until you fully understand and master the complex card counting methods. The reason why these strategies are foolproof is that the blackjack is based on mathematic calculations.

When the cards are dealt, the dealer has no control over them. Only the casino player can take any action. However, some of the cards would give advantage to the player (you) and some to the dealer. Your knowledge of card counting would guide when to up or lower your best so as to maximize you winnings.

3) Pay Attention to the Way You Invest Your Money

There would always be high times and low times. You should however, pre-determine to spend only about 1% of your bankroll and nothing more than that whether you end up high or low. This would help you to minimize your losses and maintain high odds in your favor. With this percentage of money roll in the blackjack game your chances of loosing your entire bankroll would be about 5% - which is okay.

Remember to be flexible with your betting i.e. up your bet when the cards are in your favor and lower it when you feel it might not go your way. In this way, you would be able to turn your losses into gain before you need to quit.

4) Seek Places Where House Rules Are Favorable

Your overall winnings are always dependent upon the house rules. Seek those places where the house rules are favorable as this would mean you gain an extra edge.