Playing Blackjack Online

Blackjack - From the Early Days

It is universally accepted that blackjack is one of the most popular card games, a fact symbolized by its depiction in even Hollywood movies. Blackjack is also known as Pontoon, and its precursor was the French game of vingt-et-un, or twenty-one, which did the rounds of the casinos of France in the 18th century.
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Amateurs as well as professionals love the game for its heady mixture of fortune as well as skill. You cannot just be lucky to win in blackjack; you need to know how to play well as well.

The popularity of blackjack in the United States has not always been very high. When it first came to the country, not too many people favored the game. There is an interesting story about the way the game got its name in the US and the ‘promotional campaign’ the people who first brought the game to the country undertook to increase people’s awareness about the game and also raise its popularity.

Card houses were encouraged to offer a variety of bonuses to any player who opted to play blackjack over other games available and popular in the US. One such bonus was in fact a 10 to 1 payout for any player with a hand that had an ace along with a black jack of either spades or clubs. A winning hand with these cards was called a blackjack. The name sounded exotic and stuck, even though the promotional offer did not, and that is how the name of the game came to be blackjack.

Playing Blackjack Online

As the gambling industry put one foot online, operating in parallel in both traditional as well as the online casinos, blackjack came to be one of the games featured on casino websites. The strategy of including blackjack in the roster of casino games available online paid off, as the game itself got a massive dose of popularity, which in turn meant a manifold increase in revenues for the gambling industry.

Why would I want to play blackjack online, you may ask. For one, it is great fun, and is guaranteed to give you an enjoyable time. The enjoyment increases manifold particularly when you are on a roll and going through a winning streak. There are other incentives. You do not have to travel to a casino to play the game when you opt to play blackjack online. You can play it right from your home, that too with anyone from any where in the world. If you are not confident about playing with other players, you also have the option of playing the game with the computer itself.

How to Play Blackjack Online

There are different ways you can play blackjack online. You could just select a game to play with the computer. What you would get is an opportunity to play a game that has limitations as far as playing options are concerned. The computer generates its numbers randomly, so it does not give you much scope to work out an effective strategy to work.

If you are looking for something at a more interactive level, you could play live blackjack. Through this option, you can play the game with other players who are logged in to the same website with similar intentions as your - to play blackjack. Live blackjack can be a highly entertaining affair owing to the high degree of interactivity it usually has. It has a chat feature that lets you engage in conversation with your opponent even as you are playing. At some sites you can also let your opponent see you and see them in return, as these sites allow you to use a webcam.