Blackjack Tournaments

In a blackjack game there may be seven or eight players at a table but each player is competing against the dealer. There is no competition between the players themselves. For all practical purposes each player plays as if the other blackjack players do not exist. However in blackjack tournaments the players at a table compete against each other. Though the rules of the blackjack game may be the same, the objective is different in blackjack tournaments. Therefore different skills are required.

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In blackjack tournaments each player starts with the same number of chips and plays a pre-decided number of deals. At the end the player with the maximum chips is the winner. Hence the blackjack player need not have more chips than he started with. It is conceivable that the dealer has a tremendous run of luck and all players lose chips. In that case the player who loses the least number of chips is the winner of the blackjack tournament. Blackjack tournaments are also not about winning more deals. A player who has won fewer deals but wagered large amounts on those deals can end up winning more chips.

In blackjack tournaments each player has to keep track of the chip position of his competitors, something he does not do in normal blackjack games. If a competitor has more chips then other players would need to take greater risks and wager larger amounts in order to catch up. If a player is ahead then he would place smaller wagers and maintain his bankroll.

Online blackjack offers multiple table blackjack tournaments. A blackjack player plays at more than one blackjack table at the same time. This is blackjack at its fastest. There is a given time in which to make ones moves, the player has to keep track of competitors on multiple tables and hence has to make split-second decisions. Blackjack players who play multiple table tournaments have to perfect their blackjack strategy.

Blackjack tournaments attract both blackjack professionals and blackjack novices. The advantage to professionals is that they can win huge amounts with nominal investments, an impossibility in normal blackjack casinos. To enter blackjack tournaments the players pay a nominal entry fee and the total collection less house costs go to the winner. Blackjack learners get to play a large number of deals for only the entry fee instead of placing a wager on each deal.

There is an increasing trend of playing progressive blackjack tournaments that are spread over a number of days. The winners of the earlier rounds progress to the subsequent ones, culminating in a grand finale. Progressive blackjack tournaments are lot of fun with wining and dining at the end of each day.