The Blackjack Dealer

Most Blackjack players stay on their side of the table working hard to beat the dealer. The dealer stays a pretty anonymous part of the game despite his important function. Blackjack players know that learning his name wonít get them very far, at least not if it is a dealer in a serious casino. In online Blackjack casinos the dealer becomes even more anonymous as it is basically a computer. Learning how to deal Blackjack could be the way to improve the game or simply a career that could turn out to be a great one for the person that loves the casino environment.

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Learning How to be the Dealer

It isnít difficult to learn how to deal Blackjack. Most casinos offer some kind of course that wonít take more than a few weeks to get through. It does help to know how the game works beforehand but sometimes it could be an advantage to have no previous knowledge and learn the game from scratch. A Blackjack dealer has to have a lot of integrity and not be easily moved by peopleís attempts to get a favorable treatment. While the dealer wonít make the same amounts of money that the winner of the Blackjack game has a chance at he does make a nice salary by all the tips he should receive. Being a Blackjack dealer is popular and therefore the most difficult part in learning it might be to find a place that is willing to take on new dealers.

The Online Blackjack Dealer

In online Blackjack the dealer is very rarely a real person. There is innovative Blackjack software that will allow for the casino to offer games with live dealers. This can be used in exciting ways letting players win a spot as a dealer or put a famous person in front of the web camera. When playing internet Blackjack it seems that most Blackjack players prefer the computerized dealer. When the computer spits out the results it gives a feeling of better fairness since the players know that the result is completely random and not affected by good words or tips. When it comes to the online Blackjack dealer it is important to know by which rules he deals since these can change the Blackjack game a great deal.

Advantages of knowing how to deal

Many Blackjack stars started their careers as dealers and it is no secret that they gained a lot of insight this way. While they might be less active in land-based casino today they still owe a lot of their original success from learning the game from within. It is known that Blackjack dealers make good money and if they work on their Blackjack play at the same time they could indeed be looking at a true Blackjack career. Dealing Blackjack involves a lot of counting and this could help the player that wants to understand Blackjack card counting. A person who truly loves casino Blackjack should consider trying this job since it is both fun and lucrative and it will make for better Blackjack play also online.