Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Unlike games like roulette and craps, which are based entirely on luck, blackjack requires a fair amount of skill as well. This combination of luck and skill is the reason for the popularity of blackjack.

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Since the advent of Internet technology online blackjack has become the most popular online casino game. Online blackjack has many benefits over the brick and mortar version of the game. The main advantage is that it can be indulged in from home or anywhere with an Internet connection and a computer. Today with laptops and wireless technologies online blackjack can be played while traveling. The latest extension of online blackjack is mobile blackjack that can be played on cell phones. For most the cost and effort of going to a land casino can be dissuading. The traveling, dressing up formally, learning the etiquette of playing on real tables are factors that do not appeal to blackjack players who prefer anonymity. In online blackjack real names can be hidden under screen identities. No one need know how often you play blackjack or how much you have wagered and whether you have won or lost.

Online blackjack caters to a wide category of players, whereas land casinos attune their attention to blackjack pros. Those who nothing about the blackjack game can start with the interactive blackjack tutorials that are offered on most online casinos. Counting of blackjack hand values, rules of blackjack and blackjack strategy are taught in these tutorials. The players then move on to blackjack demonstration games that are played in real time. Most of these games prompt when players are making a mistake and explain the correct play. In the demonstration games the novice blackjack players learn the importance of making the correct percentage moves. The blackjack players are then ready for real money blackjack.

Novice blackjack players usually start on single table games, in which they are playing alone with the dealer. They get comfort from the fact that they are not being watched by blackjack pros and are able to build their confidence. Online blackjack casinos also cater to the social players. These usually log on in groups and like to interact with each other while playing. They usually head for blackjack rooms with chatting facilities. They can discuss their blackjack play or the performance of their favorite football team. The aim is to have a lot of fun and winning at blackjack is a bonus.

Online blackjack casinos cater to blackjack pros as well. There are multiplayer tables with live dealers that simulate the fast paced environment of land based blackjack casinos. Real voice replaces the instructions flashing on the screen. Computer and electronic technology combine to give you the experience of a life time while playing blackjack from home.