Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack is perhaps the most popular online casino game today worldwide for a variety of reasons. Although it is a ‘game of chance’, Blackjack offers advantages that most casino games do not. While the rules of Blackjack are among the easiest of all casino games, the game also offers a player the facility to change his risk in the middle of the play when conditions are positive for him. In addition, Blackjack offers a flexible house limit depending on a player’s personal skills.

The spread of the Internet has made it easier for one and all to learn the rules of Blackjack. Open any gaming site and you will be flooded with free advices, tips and strategies that promise to make you a master of the game prompting thousands of people to use the free Blackjack software to hone their skills. It is indeed important to learn all the rules of Blackjack to enable you to be better equipped to win regularly as well as acquire the knowledge to overcome the house advantage and improve your winning prospects. However, it is equally vital to know that learning to play Blackjack may be easy, but mastering the game is quite tough.

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Game Rules

The fundamental rules of Blackjack are to get closer to twenty-one points than the dealer does without going kaput. If your total card value crosses 21 then you are bust. While all cards have their face value in Blackjack, the Ace can be worth either one or 11 and tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings all have ten points. When a player gets a 10 valued card and an Ace, he is said to have got a Blackjack! Initially, each player is dealt two cards and if he thinks that drawing another card will take him closer to the Blackjack or twenty-one, he may opt for another one.

The rules of Blackjack for the dealers are uncomplicated. When a dealer's hand is 16 or less, he is required to draw another card, but if the dealer's hand is 17 or more, he must stand. However, often you will find that some casinos give some advantage to the house by allowing the dealer to hit on soft 17. But in most casinos, the dealer's tactic is unchanging and he is not allowed to alter his resolutions just to beat the players.

Betting Rules

Having talked about the playing rules, now we shall discuss in brief the betting rules of Blackjack. Like in all other casino games, in Blackjack too a player needs to place his bet before the cards are dealt. While the player is free to bet anywhere between the minimum and maximum value at the table, he is not permitted to withdraw the bet under any circumstance. Once a player has placed his bet in a Blackjack game, he has the options of staying, drawing, doubling down and split.

When a player has two identical cards from the initial deal, he is entitled to split them and play another hand by placing another bet of equal amount. On the other hand, doubling down means that a player is entitled to double his bet and receive one more card from the deck. There are a few casinos who offer a player the facility of ‘surrender’. In this case, he is allowed to surrender his cards and get back his bet amount. In addition, there are many other betting rules of Blackjack that one gets attuned to as he plays the game. So, here is all the best to all on the tables!