Glossary of Blackjack Terms

No matter what you decide to take up new, it is important that you acquaint yourself with the basics of the subject as well as endeavor to comprehend and know each minute detail about it. This holds true for any and everything. So, when you decide to play Blackjack at an online casino, it is pertinent that you are familiar with the gameís terms, blackjack glossary and slang. These will only help a novice to understand the game better and be comfortable as he sits down to play Blackjack since these terms are randomly used during the game.

In fact, new players often get perplexed when they hear so many terminologies and slang in a Blackjack game that they often tend to give up even before they have begun. One must always remember that the rules for playing Blackjack may vary from one casino to another. So it is vital that he tries to memorize the Blackjack glossary or refer back to them whenever he hears any term during play that he is not familiar with. Here is a list of a few important Blackjack terms (A-D) with their meanings to help you follow and play the game well.

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The Glossary
Action: The total money gambled by a player during a Blackjack session.
Anchor: This relates to the position to the dealerís far right and is the last player to play before the dealer.
Ace: In a Blackjack game an Ace has two values 1 and 11 and you may use the cards according to your choice.
Back Counting: This refers to a Blackjack card counter who doesnít play at the table, but simply watches the game and counts the cards on the table.
Bankroll: This is the initial amount of money a player has when he first sits at the Blackjack table.
Backing Up: This denotes a player asking the dealer to take out his past hand cards from the discard rack if he feels that the dealer has miscalculating the value of his cards.
Betting Ratio: This is a system some casinos use to spot card counters that raise their bets when the cards are in their favor.
Bottom Dealing: This refers to a cheating technique by the dealer.
Banker: It is the dealer who takes the bets, collects the money and pays the winner.
Black Chip: This means a $100 currency.
Break: It refers to a hand exceeding a total point value of 21.
Card Sharp: It means a professional card player.
Camouflage: A method adopted by some card counters to dupe the casinos to avoid being Ďbarí.
Cut: This refers to a split deck after the cards are shuffled.
Card Counting: This refers to remembering past hand cards, usually the face up cards.
Deal: This means giving up the cards during a hand or distributing the cards.
Deck Penetration: This refers to a figure used to explain how much of the decks the dealer uses before shuffling.
Double Exposure: This is a variation of Blackjack played at online casinos
Doubling Down: This refers to a player asks for a third card after the initial two cards are dealt. In this case, the player has to double his initial betting amount.
Draw: Adding an extra card to the player or dealerís hand.
The above terminologies are only the tip of the Blackjack glossary and I assure you to present a detailed one when there is ample scope. So, good luck for now!